pie night with nordstrom rack

August 27, 2015

my family has this really amazing tradition that my food-blogger mom started, called pie night. she started it because she felt like pies were getting neglected on thanksgiving. so she invites a whole bunch of families from the neighborhood over to her house, each family brings a pie, and my pie baking wizard of a mom makes like 25 pies in 1 day. just kidding. not 25. but seriously 8 – 10.

everyone comes over, mingles, eats pie, and rejoices in the beauty of pie night. it's pretty wonderful.

so when i found out that nordstrom rack had launched a new home section, i jumped online to scour their home section and was immediately drawn to the kitchen and tabletop categories. there were so many perfect plates and dishes for a pie night, i just knew it was meant to be.

so with a little help from my talented design friend jen and the magic of my mom's recipes, i staged a little pie night with these steal-of-a-deal pie plates and dishes from nordstrom rack!

the beautiful thing about pie night is that you can really do it any time of the year. bake a pie or two, invite some friends over, and ask them each to bring a pie. stack up some salad plates, flatware, and napkins. and don't forget the whipped cream!

these little hobnail ramekins were so great for making my mom's perfect peach crumble! and on sale for under $10 (orig $25).

and these lenox DKNY salad plates were the perfect clean palate for all the pies! the pattern is subtle but so pretty. and only $12.97!!

i can't even adequately explain just how amazing this fresh strawberry pie is!! and it's totally beginner level. anyone can make it. do it while strawbs are still in season.

also, the pie plate i used for both my strawberry and apple pies is such a good deal! $9.97 for a $30 pie plate that's as big and deep as texas. super deep which is so nice for making bigger pies like my mom's apple or my very favorite – when fresh cranberrries are in stores around thanksgiving – apple cranberry pie!

this cake boss mini pie tin was so perfect for making mini tollhouse pies! another $10 steal.

and last of all, this super lucky find. the staub cocottes that i got on sale from nordstrom rack home. i bought the last set available, but i promise to keep an eye out for the next time they're featured on nordstrom rack so you guys can get a deal too!

white pie plate c/o nordstrom rack
red pie plate c/o nordstrom rack
red mini hobnail ramekins c/o nordstrom rack
lenox DKNY white salad plates c/o nordstrom rack
staub cherry round mini cocottes c/o nordstrom rack
farmouse dining table
metal dining chairs // upholstered captain chairs
gold flatware

tollhouse pie // beginner level
perfect peach crumble // beginner level
fresh strawberry pie // beginner level
perfect apple pie // intermediate level

thanks nordstrom rack and shopstyle for sponsoring this post!

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