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It's NO secret how much I love shopping and finding a great deal. But real talk: I know not everyone shares this passion. I've heard from lots of people over the years that they don't enjoy shopping at all. It can honestly be hard to fill your closet with things that make sense for your style and life! When you don't like matching clothing or you hate heading into the mall, putting a wardrobe together can be daunting.

​SO today I'm sharing a secret that will help you outfit your entire family in less than 10 minutes. Yep, seriously. 10 MINUTES. Let me show you how.

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If you're wanting some help when it comes to your closet, Stitch Fix is a personal shopping service that works off a style profile that you fill out. It only takes like 10 minutes to get started, and then your stylist is ready to start picking items for you. SOOO easy.

And the more you use Stitch Fix, the better it gets because they see what you keep, what you send back, and use your feedback to continually refine what they choose to perfect your fixes.

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They even have these cute little cards to explain what's in your fix, why they chose these items for you, and how might style them. GENIUS.

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hassle free online shopping
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Here's where Stitch Fix gets even cooler, you guys. They actually do fixes for the entire family, including men and children! With kids who are constantly growing and a husband who doesn't always like to shop for himself, I love that there's someone ready to send clothing options for everyone in my house. Kids sizes start at 2T and go up to 14, men's sizes comes in taller and shorter sizes AND up to 3X, and their women's options include plus, petite, and maternity sizing. They've seriously thought of everyone!!!

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mens clothes online

Neil actually loved almost everything they sent him and was especially pumped to get more shirts, which is exactly what he requested. I love that with Stitch Fix you can request entire wardrobe changes to just specific types of pieces.

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My girls were by far the MOST excited about their fixes and the Stitch Fix kids packaging was so fun for them to unbox! Ani was the most excited of all because she wears a uniform to school each day, so new clothes that aren't the same as her everyday uniform are a total thrill for her.

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I was DEAD over these little booties!!! So beyond adorable on her, and the heel was tiny so she can still walk in them but feels like a big girl wearing them around town.

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One of the coolest things about Stitch Fix is how affordable they make using a personal shopper. You can set your preferences for price range, and you only pay $20 to have your fix put together by a stylist…but that $20 goes towards anything you want to keep! They also throw you a 25% discount if you keep everything in your fix. Even if you LOVE shopping for yourself, you'll adore Stitch Fix because of the awesome deal!

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This is the second time I've used Stitch Fix and both times I've been so surprised at just how on-point all their selections were. Literally the exact same brands and styles that I would have picked out on my own.

But if there are things in your fix that don't fit your lifestyle or you aren't in love with, sending them back is way easy and free with a pre-paid envelope. You also set how often you receive fixes, so you can get a Fix every few weeks, once a month, each season, or even on-demand.

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If simplifying and saving money is part of your New Year's plan, seriously give Stitch Fix a try! I really think you'll be thrilled with the quality of clothing and the service you're getting at such a good price point. Make sure you tag me in insta stories if you try it out so I can be sure to see the amazing things Stitch Fix sends your way!!

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