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I took the 14 day Pantene challenge and THIS is what it did to my hair

October 23, 2018

Tee up the Boyz II Men, because we’re reached the end of the road on the Pantene 14 Day Challenge. But it’s certainly not the end of the road for me and Pantene! I have been a longtime fan of the brand, so I was really excited to partner with them and see if more great hair days were possible at drugstore prices! 

My #1 post in September was my drugstore beauty favorites post-which was super surprising to me-but, who doesn’t want to be babein’ on a budget? This 14 Day Challenge was the perfect opportunity to put a drugstore choice that I’ve loved for years to the ultimate test.  

Being postpartum and post-summer was a real one-two punch to my mane. The hormones, the breastfeeding and all those hours of glorious sunshine were like, way harsh. We’re talking dry, dry, dry. After my very first wash using Pantene’s Repair & Protect Collection my hair already felt softer. It has continued to soften with every single wash! It’s pretty hard to have a bad hair day when your hair feels this soft.

One of my favorite things about Pantene’s Repair & Protect Shampoo is that it’s totally color safe! Most of us girls spend a lot of money to keep our color on point and it can be super hard to find a color safe drugstore option. I love that this Pantene Collection not only repairs your hair, but keeps your color too! 

Whenever we go on a trip that’s a week or longer I always buy a drugstore shampoo and conditioner, because I know I’m going to totally blow through my travel shampoo and conditioner in the blink of an eye! On our next long family trip I’m totally taking Pantene! 

During the 14 Day Challenge I also used the Pantene shampoo and conditioner on my girl’s hair too. I love how soft it has made their hair. It’s so easy to brush through straight out of the shower. If you have little girls you know this is HUGE! 

I’ve been super happy with my results with Pantene over the last two weeks. If you’re shopping for a really good drugstore shampoo and conditioner, this is a great pick! Will YOU take the challenge? I would LOVE to see your results! 

Thanks Pantene for (almost) making my dream as a 14 year old of being a Pantene model come true and sponsoring this post.

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