One dress, two ways

January 30, 2017

You know when you find something SO good that you just keep repeating it as many ways as possible, as often as possible, and you hope you don't run into the same people you saw the last time you wore it?! Ha. This little black dress is one of those!!! Under $100, super flattering fit, perfect length, and incredibly versatile.

Little black dress

I first wore this dress in this post and called it the little black dress that feels like sweats because well, it is. Honestly. You'll feel like you're wearing sweats or pajamas or something sneaky like that in this dress! And today I'm showing you two ways to wear it, dressed up or down!

Suede jacket

Lately, I've been loving throwing a jacket over this dress because it's actually been chilly (for CA!) the past several weeks! This brown suede jacket is super pretty and fits like a glove and it's REAL suede but it's priced almost like faux suede. Usually real suede is double this price!! Unfortunately, this jacket is sold out, but we found a super similar one that is just as great!

All-time favorite clutch

To make it more of a date night dressed up look, I wore it with my favorite clutch of all time! Also because leopard goes with everything.

Comfy booties

And we have to take a moment to notice how great these booties are!! SO cute, so comfy, so versatile. AND, I wore these last week inside of a grocery store and when I walked out it was a complete downpour. I got them totally wet and they still look 100% brand new. Nice to know that they'll hold up! These exact ones are sold out, but we found a pair that are equally as cute!

brown suede jacket (sold out), similar
leopard clutch
brown cutout booties (sold out), similar
photos by Arielle Levy

Cute little backpack

Now onto another FAVORITE way to wear this amazingly versatile little black dress: COMFY CASUAL!! I seriously love throwing this dress on with some sneakers and a little backpack. Done! SO easy. This cute backpack is sold out, but here is one that is almost identical!

Superstar sneakers

And if you don't have a pair of superstar sneakers yet, prepare to fall in love. Everyone in the fashion world seems to own these and wear them like they're a religion. Funny but true!

stripe backpack (sold out), similar
superstar sneakers
photos by Arielle Levy

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