BEST Nordstrom coats under $200 this year!

October 27, 2017

Coats are like the never-ending story of winter and I love it! I grew up in Utah where you pretty much live in your coat from Fall to Spring and definitely learned the value of a good coat. This season Nordstrom not only has great quality coats for every occasion (including tons for UNDER $200!), but they're also super cute. Which saves you from looking like that little kid in A Christmas Story who can't move because his coat is so big every time you leave your house this winter haha!


Okay I admit I fell in love with this coat as soon as I saw the rose gold hardware because it's just so darn pretty! But as soon as I tried it on I was SOLD on its functionality as well.

If you're looking for a coat that’s lightweight but still provides plenty of warmth, this is perfect for you! I also love that this coat is perfect for traveling because it's super easy to just fold up into your suitcase (or let's be real, squish into a ball in the corner of your suitcase because the shoes take up most of the room am I right?! haha) and when you take it out to wear it there's not a wrinkle in sight!

These pants may look like jeans but they're actually magical, dreamy leggings that are thick enough to give you full coverage and warmth, but still keep that nice stretch and comfort that makes us fall in love with leggings over and over again!  They're also tight enough to fit under your boots, which also makes them perfect for this time of year.

I wasn't even exaggerating when I said a couple months ago that this bag was going to be my go-to bag for Fall. It's unique enough to make a statement, but also I love this bag in the black because it goes with evvvvvverything. It also HOLDS everything! Phone, keys, wallet, lip gloss – you’re all set.  And I have to give a shoutout to this bag's durability in the rain! Which means it's probably not just my go-to bag for Fall, but I’ll probably be repeating it well into Winter too haha!

I've had these boots for a couple of seasons now and I think you might have to sneak in and take them out of my closet in the middle of the night to get me to ever stop wearing them! If you're looking for a practical but cute boot for the upcoming seasons I can't say enough good things about these. They're totally waterproof. Like, nothing gets by these guys. So whether you're going on a rainy day hike or out to a football game on a rainy Friday night or sledding in the snow, your feet stay completely comfortable, completely warm and completely dry in these boots!

Black coat with rose gold hardware
Black layering tee
Comfy fur boots
Black leather bag
(umbrella is from the back of my photographer's car haha!)
Photos by Emmy Lowe

Not only does Nordstrom have some of the cutest and best coats for Fall and Winter, they also are at a really great price point of UNDER $200. So I went through the site and picked out my favorite coats for you guys to help make your shopping a little easier!

Thanks Nordstrom and Shopstyle for sponsoring this post!

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