BREAKING NEWS: Nordstrom’s BRAND NEW daily beauty deals launch!

Nordstrom has long been my go-to place for shopping all things beauty. And now it! For the FIRST TIME EVER, Nordstrom has a BRAND NEW daily deals launch that I am seriously so excited about. During the Anniversary Sale, they are doing a MAJOR beauty deal per day, divided into categories! This is totally unheard of, and the deals are insane. Keep reading for all the details!

nordstrom beauty deals dermaflash

Today's deals

TODAY, Aug 19, Nordstrom is launching their Beauty Deals with some amazing beauty tools! Here's a complete list of the deals today:

dermaflash beauty tool
dermaflash exfloliating tool
nordstrom beauty deals

What is the Dermaflash?

I was THRILLED to see one of my FAVORITE beauty tools ever included in today's sale!! I was just introduced to the DermaFlash Exfoliation & Peach Fuzz Removal Device during the Anniversary Sale, and I was literally floored.

You guys know my love for the PMD runs deep. But I realized I was doing a bit of a dance between using that and using a women's facial razor to get rid of my peach fuzz! When I tried the Dermaflash, I realized it was the answer to my tool-juggling! It gives an amaaaaazing exfoliation while removing peach fuzz (and my woman ‘stache), all in one fell swoop! No wonder it was named Best Skin Care Device for Allure Magazine in 2018!

dermaflash exfoliation & peach fuzz removal device

For years I have used a women's facial razor in lieu of waxing because I had some really bad experiences in college with waxing my own face! It seems like every time I would try waxing from home (cold or hot) I would rip off a piece of skin and you literally can't do anything about it until it heals. Needless to say, I've stayed away from the sticky stuff to solve my facial hair problem and have dealt with shaving every so often. UNTIL. The Dermaflash! This thing is my new BFF and this is the best deal I've ever seen on it! It would make an amazing gift (Christmas, anyone?!). I tried out the Dermaflash One (on sale for $99 during the Anniversary Sale) but the Dermaflash Luxe is the one on sale TODAY ONLY for today's Nordstrom Daily Deal.

The Dermaflash Luxe normally retails for $199, but today only it is $133!!

What is the difference between the Dermaflash One and Dermaflash Luxe?

The Dermaflash One is their original model with one speed and is on sale in one color (lavender) during the Anniversary Sale for $99 ($139 value). The Dermaflash Luxe is on sale TODAY ONLY for $133.33 (reg $199) and has two speeds and comes in 3 colors: hot pink, light pink, or white.

how to remove peach fuzz

Why exfoliate?

Exfoliating is KEY to any good skincare routine and if you want to see results from your products. Once you've removed all the impurities from your skin AND added the extra benefit of removing the hair, skincare is going to penetrate SO MUCH BETTER!! Lots of times, dirt and debris actually get caught in facial hair, clogging pores and not allowing skincare to absorb.

face exfoliation tool nordstrom
face exfoliating tool
dermaflash nordstrom anniversary sale

We all have tons of layers of dead skin on our faces, and removing it (whether with a tool or chemical/physical exfoliant) is so important in allowing your skincare to do its job! Without proper exfoliation, your expensive creams and serums will literally just sit on top of dead skin cells and the active ingredients will not be utilized. When you remove the dead skin and hair, your skin is better prepped not only for skincare but for foundation and self tanner!

AND when your skin is exfoliated, it will look more glowy, younger, and alllll of the anti-aging skincare products you're using are going to work 10x better when they can actually GET TO the deeper layers.

nordstrom beauty deals

Dermaflash FAQ

  • Does hair grow back thicker after removing it with the Dermaflash? NO! I've been using facial hair removing tools for years without issue. The vellus hair on our faces is different than the hair on our heads or the rest of our bodies! Shaving it won't change it. It just grows back the same as it was before you remove it.
  • Is it hard to use? The Dermaflash is also SO incredibly user friendly. It's super easy to use with no learning curve! I watched this video and it was so easy to figure out and I wasn't nervous at all to use it.
  • Is it dangerous to leave out on my bathroom counter? No, because you store the razors separately! I just put my razors up where kids can't get them, but if the device is charging on your counter, it's totally safe. You literally can't even plug it into the charger with the razor still on. Someone who had safety in mind definitely designed this.
  • Is it really worth it? 100% WORTH IT. I really was wondering if it would be ANY different than the cheap $3 women's facial razors I'd been using for years. But after using this for the first time, I was AMAZED by how buttery soft my skin felt, and how much my skin glowed. There's a reason 100% of women who used it reported that their skin immediately looked better after one treatment. I looked and felt like I had just gotten a professional dermaplane!
  • What's the difference between this and Microdermabrasion? This is similar, but goes deeper and takes off more dead skin! As I was researching and trying to figure out seriously, IS this thing better than my beloved method of microdermabrasion I've sworn by for so long, I found THIS quotation in Allure from a board-certified doctor:
    “‘Think of dermaplaning as a deeper [form of] microdermabrasion,' Neil Sadick, a board-certified dermatologist in New York City, previously told Allure. While microdermabrasion only takes off the layer above the surface layer of skin (and doesn't remove facial hair), Dermaflash's blade gently scrapes your skin so it ‘reacts by regulating certain growth factors, like fibroblasts and vascular, which in turn stimulate collagen production,' Sadick says. This collagen production results in improved skin texture and tone, as well as reduced appearance of wrinkles.”
  • Are the razors really only a one time use? After using this, I definitely think that the razors are plenty sharp enough to be used more than once as long as you clean it properly! The razors are designed to be used only once, so you will get a better result if you use a fresh blade every time. But, IMHO, you could totally get away with using each blade more than once.
  • Does it hurt? No. Zero pain. Zilch. Not even a hint of discomfort.
  • How often should I use it? It’s really important that you do not use this device more than once a week. You don’t want to over-exfoliate your skin because you need to give it time to heal. The healing is when the collagen starts changing your skin!
dermaflash peach fuzz remover
Pink Robe
Photos by Arielle Levy

Act fast + get excited!

My skin has never been softer or more glowy than after using the Dermaflash One. Make sure you check my IG Live feed today to watch a live demo of me using this new miracle tool! Today is the ONLY DAY you can get their brand new Dermaflash Luxe (with two speeds, in 3 colors) for $133.33 (reg $199).

And don't forget, from 8/19-8/30 there will be one category (or brand) per day that is doing killer deals (even better than the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale deals!) for us to shop! I got a sneak peek, and I gotta tell you..they are SO GOOD!! Happy shopping, and happy exfoliating!

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