Native deodorant review + why I switched to natural

I gave natural deodorant a try a couple years ago and anytime I mention it in my InstaStories I get tons and tons and TONS of questions about it! Instead of continuing to answer all the DMs I get, I decided I would just put all my thoughts and feelings into one neat and tidy little blog post and tell you all about Native deodorant. Keep reading to get the 411!

native deodorant review

Native deodorant deal

First things first, the killer deal details on Native deodorant! If you're in love with this natural deodorant too, or if you're ready to make the switch, this deal is for you!

TODAY ONLY you can get up to 44% off Native deodorant RIGHT HERE! There are so many good scents too. From Vanilla & Rose, Aloe & Eucalyptus, and Yuzu & Orange Blossom, to Coconut & Vanilla, Lavender & Rose, Cucumber & Mint , you're sure to find some you love!

Why use natural deodorant?

I’ve completely switched to all natural deodorant and have LOVED it! Before I made the switch, I would shower and still smell a mixture of deodorant and a little bit of BO. Gross right?! Apparently when you use deodorant with aluminum, it clogs your pores and that's how their deodorant works.

Thankfully, natural deodorant doesn't use any of that. That's why when you use it, you may still sweat a tiny bit, BUT you won't stink. It's natural and normal for your body to sweat, and it's NOT natural and normal to clog up your pores in order to make your body “stop” sweating.

Tips to switch

  • Get rid of the old stuff: take a couple of baths and really scrub your armpits to really open up your pores and get rid of the residue from the old, aluminum-filled deodorant
  • Go ALL IN: if you don't completely commit to Natural deodorant for at least a month, your body won't have time to adjust!

Why I chose Native

I've used several natural deodorants, and Native deodorant is my all time favorite out of all the ones I've tried because it actually works and every scent smells amazing.

Final thoughts

Get ready to fall in love with Native deodorant and ALL the scents. It’s light, it’s hydrating and most importantly IT WORKS-even in extra sweaty situations! If you already use Native deodorant, what scent is your favorite? If you’re new to natural deodorant, come tell me what you think!

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