Nordstrom called, your Mother’s Day gifts rock this year

Technically, this is a guide to Nordstrom’s best Mother’s Day gifts. But really, these gifts are just my all-time favorite things to give from Nordstrom all throughout the year, period! I LOVE to gift from Nordstrom because they have the best return policy, and they sell the BEST quality items.

The Mother’s Day gifts are labeled in this post under two categories – spoil and save. I totally understand the different gift needs. If you’re buying for lots of moms in your life this year, there are some really great save options! (And mom is always proud of a savvy shopper, am I right?) If you’re going in on ONE big gift with your siblings, you might want to look at the spoil gifts. Whatever you are looking for in a Mother’s Day gift – ALL of these items are my personal favorites. And trust me, your mom’s going to love them!

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White T-Shirt
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Pocket Performance Joggers
Running Shoe
MZ Wallace Travel Bag
Cat Eye Sunglasses
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First, I’m going to spend some time talking about my latest Mother’s Day gift ideas. Then I’ll have two separate spoil and save lists. That way you can easily glance over even more options to consider in your price range. But first things first, here are some of the BEST Mother’s Day gifts that I would recommend over and over.

mother's day gifts

My latest Mother’s Day gift ideas

Performance Joggers


They are the cream of the crop, best of the best, very nicest joggers I have ever worn. It goes without saying that I am obsessed with them. The other moms I know who have these will tell you that once you wear them, you’re ruined for life. Nothing else will ever compare!

They are so comfortable and so luxurious. But at the same time, they’re flattering! (Yes, they make your bum look good!) And the icing on the cake? They have a fit that does NOT stretch out throughout the day. They look as good at night as they did when you put them on in the morning.

Anything that feels like pajama pants, but LOOKS like I put in effort to get ready is my kind of style piece. I especially love wearing these to the airport for that reason! Truly, these joggers are perfect, and I don’t say that about a lot of things.

I’m in a bunch of mom Facebook Groups and these joggers are raved about in every single one. So just to reiterate – it is not just me who loves them! I have yet to meet a mom who DOESN’T love these joggers. So if you’re thinking about gifting them as a Mother’s Day gift, the answer is YES!

nordstrom gifts zella joggers

APL Running Shoes

I truly could not resist these APLs. I have always loved APLs, but LOOK AT THESE! The leopard print sole is to die for. When it comes to athletic shoes, of course, I care about how they look, but let’s also talk about comfort…

These shoes. seriously. feel like you’re wearing a sock. That’s the best way I can describe them. They are SO, so comfortable, and you don’t even have to break them in. You honestly don’t even have to wear socks with them, that’s how luxurious they are! I actually just came back from an hour walk in them and they were so comfy. Zero break-in required.

This pair of APLs has laces which allow for a custom fit, or an easy slip-on style just like their single elastic strap shoes (which I also LOVE). Both types are amazing, so you really just can’t go wrong when buying APLs in general! But if your mom loves leopard print, these are going to be a guaranteed WIN.

apl running shoes

Zella T-Shirt

This plain white tee is my top white tee pick for 2021. First off, the word Zella means a whole lot to me when picking out clothes because their brand ALWAYS delivers. You can read about more of my Zella favorites here and here and here and here! And sure enough, this t-shirt did NOT disappoint.

It has a flattering v-neck, but it’s not too low at all, and it’s not see-through, which makes it the perfect go-to white tee to add to your mom’s closet (or yours!). And just in time for the warm weather coming up! I promise she will wear this all the time, and I LOVE the price tag at only $45! Great price for such a nice t-shirt made with pure quality that will last years and years.

mother's day gifts
mother's day gifts zella t-shirt

MZ Wallace Travel Bag

I have been wanting this bag for FOREVER, and I finally decided to get it (so happy I did!) with locations starting to open back up for travel.

I actually first heard about this from my mom. My mom went on a trip with some other women to India, and the friend that she went with took this bag with her. She loved it so much that she ordered it on her phone on the plane ride home, because she just couldn’t wait to get it! And knowing how much I already love MZ Wallace bags, when I heard that story about this one, I knew I had to have it, too!

This bag is so nice because it’s big and spacious without feeling like you’re toting around a duffel bag while you travel. It’s almost like a Mary Poppins bag! It looks like a handbag, but the amount that you can pack in it makes it seem like a duffel bag. You could for sure pack a large laptop, a barefoot dreams cardigan for the plane, a water bottle, wallet, a jacket for later…the list goes on because you can seriously fit SO much in this bag!

mother's day gift, travel bag

Genius AND versatile

I’ve used this MZ Wallace bag as not only a travel bag but also as a workout bag, and even a diaper bag! The longer strap is removable so you can customize it for your needs. The most genius thing about this bag, though, is the pockets that are everywhere – but on the back specifically, there’s a pocket flap that opens up and unzips on the bottom, so you can slide it onto the handle of your carry-on luggage while you roll it around the airport. How cool is that? (You can see me show this on my Instagram Stories today!)

All in all, this bag is SO functional, so pretty, and so easy to clean. (Shhh… I don’t think you’re supposed to do this, but I’ve even put my MZ Wallace bags in the wash and hung dried them, and they cleaned up like a dream!).

If your mom has the travel bug, or if you know she will be traveling soon, this would be the BEST Mother’s Day gift!

MZ wallace travel bag mother's day gift ideas

Velour Long Robe

If you’ve been here a while, you know I’m the robe queen – so I honestly grabbed this robe just to try it out, half-expecting that I might not like it and would end up returning it… but OH. my. gosh. This robe is absolutely beyond all my hopes and dreams. Again, I am a robe lady through and through and I have owned SO many different robes, and I truly can say that this robe blew my mind. Plus, I LOVE that it’s only a little over $100!

This luxurious robe comes in four beautiful colors, and it’s stretchy and yummy and soft and not too heavy while providing just the perfect amount of warmth. Absolutely beyond perfection. I’m OBSESSED with it – and it really is pretty! It also has really good coverage at the top which I love because sometimes robes tend to gape around the chest area. As for sizing – it fits true to size. If you are in-between two sizes like me, you might want to pick the larger size. I did just because I like my robes to be big and cozy, and I like for the arms to be long enough. But if you’re not in-between sizes, it is true to size! All in all, this robe is perfect in every way.

skims robe gift idea mother's day
Velour Long Robe
softest robes from nordstrom

A shorter robe for summer

If you think your mom would like a shorter robe for the summer months coming up, here is a great option! This one is $88, and it’s a knit fabric so it’s definitely more lightweight than the velour – but it’s super highly-rated as well, so it would be a great alternative! (This robe might be on my Mother’s Day list… *hint hint, Neil!*)

Tom Ford Sunglasses

These are my FAVORITE sunglasses of all time. I love them so much. One time they were stolen out of my car (the other driving adult in this family forgot to lock up, but I won’t name names…) along with one of my MZ Wallace bags. It was a very, very sad day those six or seven years ago. But the point of this story is to tell you that I loved these glasses SO much that a couple months later I bought another pair exactly the same. Instead of buying something new, I wanted to get my exact same pair because I missed them so much!

This cat-eye pair is SO cute, and if you are looking for a super nice splurge gift to give to the mom who would appreciate a luxury pair of sunglasses, these are incredible. They’re so pretty, and they’re made so well that they will last FOREVER.

tom ford sunglasses mother's day gift

MORE Mother’s Day gift ideas!

inexpensive mother's day gifts

SAVE gift ideas

  1. Ponytail Holders ($18) – these are THE BEST ponytail holders in the world. In fact, I told my sister about these and told her to take them through the “runners challenge.” My sister is the type of runner who has done triathlons, and an Iron Man (a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride, with a 26.2 mile run (a full marathon) tacked onto the end – insane right?!). She used to complain about how she ALWAYS had to put her hair up in two holders in order for it to stay. But now, she’s converted to these – not only for running, but also for cooking and for taking care of her babies! The last time I visited I asked for a ponytail holder and she handed me an L Erickson…I told her to not give me her nicest one, and she said those are the only ponytail holders she owns now. Essentialism at its finest. So, if your mom is active or just likes to wear her hair up a lot, this gift would be AMAZING and thoughtful.
  2. Zella Pocket Bike Shorts ($49) – I own a pair of these myself and I absolutely love them. They’re the perfect length for me to wear as a casual outfit with a long t-shirt on top, or as part of a workout outfit. That makes these shorts the absolute best wardrobe staple for summer, and there’s no better time to gift them than for Mother’s Day.
  3. Nordstrom Bliss Plush Throw ($39.50) – this is THE gift. The most perfect, affordable Mother’s Day gift if you are looking for just that. It has over 2,000 SUPER high ratings, so people LOVE this blanket! We’ve had some of our Bliss Plush Throws for years and they still feel super soft and cozy. They have tons of different colors available, and I seriously think this gift is really great for ANYONE on your list. I even gave one to my grandpa one year for Christmas and he wrote me the sweetest thank you note back – one of my favorite memories. Mom is going to love it!
  4. Over the Sink Drying Rack ($45) – this is not your average drying rack! This drying rack is the prettiest one I’ve ever seen, and it’s SO functional. I love that I can leave this out without it being an eyesore, but it’s also really easy to fold up and store if I want to put it away. It’s EXTREMELY sturdy for heavy pans and dishes, and it comes in three different colors!
  5. 5-Pack Silicone Utensils ($49) – I LOVE these. I’ve used them like crazy myself, and I gifted them to my sister for Christmas and she loves them, too. If you have a mom who loves to cook but you’re looking for a budget-friendly gift, this is SUCH a good option. The price is so good because you are really getting each of these silicone utensils for $10 each. And for the mom who has everything, these would be such a good gift too, because you can never have enough (high quality) kitchen utensils!
  6. Ultimate Apron ($45) – this is now my favorite apron of all time! It has so many pockets and the best part is the built-in oven mitts for quick access when you need them. It’s totally changed how my cooking goes in the kitchen because of how convenient it is, and every person I know who’s tried it has absolutely loved it, too. Plus, it’s super pretty and comes in four gorgeous colors!
  7. Whipped Sugar Scrub ($36) This scrub is meant to exfoliate your skin so that your whole body feels soft as silk! And let’s just talk about THE SMELL. I have this in the Sugar Kiss scent and gosh, it smells divine. For the mom who loves baths, or spa treatment gifts, this would be the perfect gift for her.
  8. Heart Stud Earrings ($38) – These are budget-friendly but also really good quality earrings that will stand the test of time, even if you wore them every single day. I love the simple gold hearts because any mom, no matter what age, would rock these and love them! They are so pretty and the price tag is pretty, too.
  9. Heart Pendant Necklace ($55) – this little heart pendant necklace is something that Neil gave me for Valentine’s and I have worn it SO much! It’s pretty and dainty, and at just $55 it’s not crazy expensive, but it’s still a nice, thoughtful, meaningful gift.
  10. Moonlight Pajamas ($65) – Whoever you gift these to will love you forever because they are the most wonderful pajamas on planet earth. The most buttery, soft, comfy goodness you can put on your body. I have raved about these over and over if you want to read more about them you can here!
  11. Always Pan Set ($145) – I am SO thrilled that Nordstrom now carries the Always Pan! My favorite place to gift from, and one of my very favorite gifts to give to anyone who loves to cook. I am OBSESSED with my Always Pan. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a pan that literally can do it all. Fry, saute, boil, steam, and tons MORE. But I really love it because it is the BEST non-stick pan I’ve ever used, period, end of story. It’s also really easy to clean and it looks so beautiful that you could definitely leave it out on your stove and count it as a cute piece of decor, too! If you want more details, you can read all about it here. Nordstrom is awesome because they have the pan fully in stock ready to ship in all four cute colors, which isn’t always the case with other retailers.
  12. Pure Silk Pillowcase ($89-$110) – I have raved about this pillowcase a lot because it has become a must for me. It’s good for your skin, it’s good for your hair, it’s good for eyelash extension upkeep, it prevents wrinkles, it prevents bedhead – it’s just. the. best. This is a very, very worthwhile gift in my opinion, and it’s right around the $100 price range. (The price changes depending on what size you get). And side note: if your mom already has one, I’m positive she would love another one because there’s always a laundry day that makes the first one unavailable!
expensive mother's day gifts

SPOIL gift ideas

  1. Golden Goose Sneakersthese shoes are an absolute splurge, but hear me out about why they really are awesome. One, they are SUPER comfortable, two, they are SO cute, and three, I know it seems absolutely ridiculous to buy shoes that are already marked up, BUT, you don’t have to worry about scuffing up these shoes once you take them out of the box which makes them MADE for moms. I thought they were a silly trend at first, too, but now I wear them so much that I can’t say I don’t love them. I wear them with jeans, skirts, casual summer dresses – you can really wear them anywhere and the best part is they’re slip on and slip off! Like I said, the young mom in your life would TOTALLY appreciate these shoes because I know I have absolutely loved them, my friends have absolutely loved them, and the reviews will back us all up!
  2. Dyson Hair Dryer – this gift is a FAVE of mine for sure. I’ve written a lot about this in the past because I really think every woman with hair would appreciate this gift. I especially love that this one comes in a gorgeous fuchsia color, and it comes with a round brush and comb. This hairdryer will dry your hair in HALF the time, and it’s so much healthier for your hair. You can read more about it here, but this is SUCH a great gift that is 1,000,000% worth every penny.
  3. Dyson Corrale Straightener – I just included this straightener in my Best Hair Tools Guide because I have been using it for over a year and I genuinely feel like it has improved the quality of my hair. This straightener works really well and really quickly. Thanks to the curved edges and flexing plates, you can use it to straighten, wave, or curl. Plus, it is truly and completely cordless which totally blows my mind. There are three heat settings and it automatically shuts off after 10 minutes. This is the best flat iron I have ever used, period end of story, and I know any other mom who straightens her hair regularly would love it, too!
  4. Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum – This is one of the BEST cordless vacuums on the market. We often share really great refurbished deals on this vacuum, but if you want to give one to your mom that is brand new, Nordstrom is a great place to buy because their return policy is tops. It’s just nice to know when you’re making a larger investment that you have that security! This would be an absolutely amazing Mother’s Day gift.

The mother of all gift guides!

I am so happy to be getting this gift guide out because it seriously lists so many of my favorite Nordstrom gifts ever. I hope it helps you find the perfect gift for the mama(s) you’re buying for this Mother’s Day! In the end, the thought really is what counts, but it always feels good to know your gift is something that your mom can use for a loooong time after she opens it. Nordstrom always guarantees that type of quality, which is why all of these gifts are highly recommended by me! And highly recommended for treating yourself, too.

And don’t forget the services Nordstrom offers, like free shipping and returns, buy online/pick up in store, and curbside pickup! Plus allllll the perks of being in the Nordy Club! Shopping at Nordstrom has never been so easy.

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  1. I’m 63 and love the Golden Goose sneakers! No young Mom here, and also a Grandma! Fun style has no boundaries! ❤

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