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New Year, same me! For three years I’ve been on a health journey, but it typically starts fresh in January because I like to indulge during the holidays (who doesn’t?!). I’m so excited to be back in the swing of clean eating and meal prep because that makes me feel SO much better than all the holiday sweets and heavy dishes.

Today I'm sharing with you the tools I use in the kitchen to make CLEAN EATING EASY!!! It really can be done. Let me show you.

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Where to shop + your discount code

The start of the New Year is the perfect time to be intentional about our health & lifestyle and I’ve found that JCPenney is a great, affordable choice when it comes to making your meal prepping and clean eating goals easy. They have ALL the clean eating essentials you could ever want with crazy good deals, high quality brands, and super convenient pickup options!

Before I jump into some of my favorite products for preparing clean meals and how I use them – I want to make sure you know how to SAVE! Use the code SAVENOW8 for 15% off all of these products!

Meal prep tools that'll make hitting your goals easier!

One of the most important meal prep tools to have is a good blender to make all the protein shakes, sauces, salad dressings, and more! I LOVE this Ninja that’s currently on sale for $62.99 with code SAVENOW8.

This is the perfect middle-of-the-road pricing and a high quality brand that you can trust.

I've honestly found that this works almost as well as our other blender that's very high end, and we get a ton of use out of it. It’s the perfect compact size if you don’t have a ton of counter space, or maybe just want it nicely tucked away in a cabinet. This product has gotten great reviews and I love all the buying options from store pickup (same day) or ship to home – TOTAL win.

Clean eating pro tip: salads are healthy, but a lot of salad dressings ARE NOT. If you look at a menu and nutrition facts, a lot of times the salads have just as many calories as the cheeseburgers and pastas! WHAT?! It's not because of the leaves. It's the dressing, it's always the dressing's fault. So if you want the benefits of the salad without the high fat or calorie intake, making your own dressing is one of the best ways.

nutri ninja blender - meal prep guide
ninja blender sale  - meal prep guide

Measure up

This is one of my TOP meal prep tools if you like to keep track of your macros like I do! This cute food scale makes it super simple for me to break down portions of a recipe to keep track of how much I’m supposed to have at each meal because it measures liquids and solids up to 15 pounds.

It’s a great tool for measuring ingredients and staying on top of my portions which is equally (if not more) valuable. Another JCPenney steal because it’s on sale right now!

food scale for meal prep
counting macros / meal prep
cute food scale

The classics (but better!)

Mixing bowls are a classic item that comes in handy on the regular. I like to have several mixing bowls to prepare food by chopping and prepping. I’ve had glass mixing bowls for 15 years and I love them. They’re dishwasher friendly, made in the U.S., and on sale for under $35!

mixing bowls

I also love this set of TWO dishwasher friendly cutting boards that aren't only pretty but make clean up seamless! It’s pretty rare that wooden cutting boards can go into the dishwasher so I’m always reaching for these. I love the size variations based on every need. 

dishwasher safe cutting board
meal prep guide

Out with the old, in with the new

I LOVE the Wilton brand's non-stick cookie sheet (also dishwasher safe) because it makes clean up hassle free – AND it's HUGE! It fits the standard size of an oven perfectly, wall to wall, so you're maximizing your space. This means you can double up on roasting veggies, broiling fish and chicken, etc.

This is AMAZING for meal prep especially if you only have one oven. That way you're not having to do a bunch of batches of cooking just to get your healthy foods prepped for the week.

best nonstick baking sheets
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nonstick cookie sheets
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Another more affordable option JCPenney has is this cute quarter-sized cooking sheet, which is perfect for smaller portions (like one or two pieces of chicken) if you're only cooking for one or two people. It's also great for something like roasting nuts to go on top of a salad. Both of these baking sheets are great choices because, let’s be real, it's time to ditch the old, thin cookie sheet you’ve been hanging on to for years – am I right?!

small baking sheet
quarter sized cookie sheet
best small cookie sheet

Make the cut

A high quality knife, or set of knives, is definitely an important meal prep tool. I don't need any new knives, but IF I DID … this set by Cuisinart has amazing ratings and is super affordable at only $42.50! This set will give you a size for every cooking need and all the knives are 100% stainless steel.

Meal prep, but organized & fresh

All the meal prep has to go somewhere, right?! I'm obsessed with this 10-pc. plastic stackable food container set ($25.50) because the containers fit so well within each other and allow me to separate food, like ingredients for a salad that I don’t want to get soggy, until I’m ready to throw it together. They have crazy good ventilation.

best food container storage
meal prep containers

Another set of containers you’ll need is the OXO 5-Pc. food container set! This set is amazing for dry goods in the pantry or counter like pasta, spices, and so much more. Good Grips help you get organized, stay environmentally friendly by ditching tons of plastic baggies, and keep food airtight! This really comes into play when you're trying to portion your snacks and then save the rest for later.

pantry storage
pantry organization
dry good food containers

A dash of pure GENIUS

Don’t underestimate how necessary a liquid measuring cup is! ESPECIALLY one that's angled like this. It's so nice because with these you don't have to squat down to see where your measurement's at on the side. It has the measurements written out on the angle on the inside, so you can easily look at it from the top and see how many cups you've poured which is GENIUS.

I used to think it wasn’t a big deal and used the same measuring cup to measure flour as I would liquids, BUT it really is important to be able to set them down and level the ingredients. This is extra important if you’re counting macros like me, keeping the health value precise, or if you just want it to turn out right!

I’ve learned how important these measuring cups are over time and think JCPenney has an unbeatable deal for 3 for $22.95 with code SAVENOW8!

measuring cups
meal prep measuring cups
angled measuring cup
measuring cup set

Athletic clothes to match your healthy lifestyle

If you're shopping for clean eating essentials you might be focusing on your workout routine, too. Here's a few of my faves that you can get for a super great price right now!

Hoodie: Take advantage of this deal before it’s gone! Only $26.99 for this super high quality, pullover knit hoodie by Puma. I love all of the color options on these and think they’re perfect to throw on after a workout. If you don't see your size, check out this hoodie instead!

High Rise Leggings: High sellout risk! I'm obsessed with Puma’s active wear and love these high-waisted leggings that are 20% off right now! Stock up on these before they’re gone and they’ll last you all throughout the year.

Slide Sandals: *Adds to cart in every color* This is another great deal by JCPenney with 16% off making them only $24.99 with tons of great reviews! These cushioned, lightweight slip-ons come in cute colors and are perfect for your workouts doing yoga or activities where you don’t need a full support sneaker.

puma athleisure
Hoodie, similar
High Rise Leggings
Slide Sandals
puma hoodie
puma jcpenney
puma outfit

Everything you need to meet your goals

Stock up now at JCPenney and set yourself up for success this New Year! I love the affordability, selection of great brands, and convenience JCPenney offers and how easy it is to work towards my goals. Whether it’s online, in store, or pickup, make sure you don’t miss these amazing brands and deals this year!

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