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Lynden’s dream room makeover details!

September 26, 2019

Thanks Macy's and ShopStyle for sponsoring this post!

I'm so excited and I just can't hide it!! Today is the day!! We are so so THRILLED to show you the final reveal and give you ALL the details from sweet Lynden's dream room makeover. Lynden is such a remarkable little girl and a cancer fighting warrior!! We were so inspired by her bravery, love of life and passion for raising money for childhood cancer research as we did this bedroom makeover.

Macy's is such a great place for home decor and quick bedroom refreshes! We've gone to them to redo our guest bedroom here, and last year for a feel-good master bedroom makeover here, and this year again to decorate Lynden's room!

Macy's always has amazing deals going on and right NOW it's their Fall home sale! You can take 20% off home items with code SAVE at checkout from September 25-29!

Shoutout to Audrey Crisp for helping me finalize the design for this room makeover. She has impeccable taste and really helped me bring the whole look together! We really wanted to design a room that was super fun and full of things that Lynden loves: PINK, unicorns, and all things girly!!

Floral Map

This floral world map was such a fun, feminine touch to Lynden's room makeover! And a fun way to sneak something educational into the room too. #momwin! It's massive so it takes up a nice amount of wall space and really brings life to her cozy under the bed nook. It's was already on sale for just $39, but currently it's an ADDITIONAL 20% with code SAVE during Macy's Fall Home Sale and rings in at just $31.19!

Faux Fur Chair

I wanted to keep a lot of the furniture and accessories white to make the room feel big and BRIGHT! This faux fur chair is the perfect accompaniment to Lynden's new desk area! Here's another really cute option from the same manufacturer.

Cozy Area Rug

This plush faux fur rug adds texture and visual interest to Lynden's room while still being a fun neutral accent! It has just a tiny hint of pink and purple and I felt like it was such a fun addition to her reading nook that she loves so much. It's 50% off right now and comes in three other super cute neutrals.

Step Ladder

For her reading nook, Lynden really wanted to make it more functional by having a little step ladder! And naturally when it came in a pink option that seemed so fitting. I think it turned out so cute and totally perfect for the space!

Beautiful Chandelier

The light in Lynden's room was a little tricky since there wasn't anything installed in the ceiling, but there were hook ups for a central piece of lighting. I was so excited to find this pendant chandelier! It's the perfect girly counterpart to the modern vibe of the loft bed. When you use the code SAVE this glamorous light fixture rings in UNDER $100!

White Picture Frames

These beautiful wood frames house these watercolor prints to add some color and whimsy to the room! I love that these Disney princess prints include affirmations like “I am brave,” and “I am original,” to empower Lynden! Such a special and inspiring part of her room makeover.

Ladder Shelf

This ladder shelf is the PERFECT spot in her room to keep her books organized and in view! It's super functional but also stores the books in such a cute way!

Map Wall Tapestry
Area Rug
Wood Photo Frames
Two Step Stool
Kids Ladder Shelf
Ladder Shelf
Faux Fur Swivel Chair, similar
Photos by Arielle Levy

Inspiring little Lynden

Like we mentioned yesterday, Lynden is a really inspiring 7 year old girl who's taking lemons and making lemonade in a major way. Not only is she raising thousands of dollars ($28k and counting!) for the pediatric cancer research foundation (PCRF) by making lotus bracelets and turning 100% of the proceeds over to PCRF, but she had a heart for helping others with cancer even before she was diagnosed.

A little over a year ago, Lynden learned of what children with cancer often go through when they have chemo treatments and lose their hair, so she decided she wanted to help by cutting her own hair off and donating it to crowns for courage, a nonprofit that helps cancer kids have wigs to wear with a cap.

Our friend and photographer on this project, Arielle, heard this story about Lynden and was so inspired that she cut 10 inches of her own hair off also and donated it to Crowns for Courage. I love that Lynden is inspiring so many people to do good and help others with her amazing example!!!

Macy's loves pediatric cancer research too

Working with Macy’s to give Lynden a new room wasn’t only a dream for her, but it was a TOTAL dream for us too! I am always amazed at how many people will drop everything to help others, and this room makeover was absolutely no exception. So many things came together magically including a sponsor who was already involved in pediatric cancer research.

Macy's is a proud partner of the PCRF and this month if you shop in-store and choose to “round up” on your purchase to the closest full dollar, those extra pennies you donate will ALL go to PCRF. Thanks Macy’s for caring and loving these kiddos too!!!


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