A feel good bedroom makeover with Macy’s

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine (who has a gigantic heart) contacted a few friends on a group text asking if anyone had furniture or a few household items we were going to get rid of soon. She was helping a friend move out and start a new life as a single mom, and she was starting over with almost nothing. I sent what I could – a set of pots and pans we loved but didn't need, the Dyson vacuum we had just replaced with a newer one, but I really wanted to do more.

About a week later, Macy's contacted me wanting to work on a room refresh for our house, but now really wasn't the time to be redecorating anything since we're in the middle of showing our house several times a week trying to sell it! Then an idea struck me, what if we gave this single mom starting over a master bedroom makeover?

Everyone got really excited and started working together to make this room makeover happened! It turned out to be my favorite home project we've ever done.

This is the before picture of the single mom's bedroom, we'll call her Sarah. Sarah left a hard situation and took with her two young boys and almost nothing. When I first found out about Sarah she was sleeping on a blowup mattress, and waiting to get a bed from her mom's house. She had given this bed years ago to her mom and had to ask for it back, so I was really excited to get her a new bed and some fresh, brand new bedding.

 I remember when I got divorced 11 years ago, I wanted so badly to just have a new bed and new bedding and feel like I was getting a fresh start. This still makes me emotional to type it out, but I remember walking into a mattress store with my mom and an older gentleman asked me why I was buying a new bed, and I told him I was getting divorced and starting over. He offered to give me a discount and help me out, and I'll never forget that gesture of kindness. I don't remember his name but I will never forget how that felt. So this project was, in a small way, my way of feeling like I could pay that kindness forward.

We really tried to find things on sale or that were a great deal so we could stretch our budget as far as possible and get her an entire bed makeover and not just 1 or 2 things. I was so thrilled to find this beautiful gold bed frame that was originally $400 but marked down to $200! I feel like this bed frame alone just makes the room look so much more happy and inviting.

I wanted to give her some fresh, white bedding because I feel like there's nothing quite like the welcoming of white bedding. But I also thought a couple subtle pink accents could be fun too since she was starting a new life as a single mom and this might be a fun girly touch just for her.

I picked out the pink patterned sheets and pink flamingo pillows below, along with the super cozy pink throw.


I love that Macy's home has such affordable options for completely changing a room up! I also figured that I could give Sarah this white bedding and gold bed frame as a nice blank canvas, and if she gets tired of the pink she could easily change out just a couple of throw pillows and sheets to have an entirely different look.

It was also just a lucky coincidence that she had the gold lamps already that coordinated with the gold bed!

Gold bed frame
White quilt
White quilt shams
Flamingo pillows
Pink throw
Pink patterned sheets
Down alternative pillows
Photos by Arielle Levy

Thanks so much Macy's and ShopStyle for partnering with us to make this bedroom makeover happen!

Corrine Stokoe

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    1. Hey Jennifer, out of respect for my ex I have always kept those details private from my blog, other than just sharing my feelings after it ended. I have definitely thought about talking here about what helped me to move on and trying to offer hope to others who find themselves in the same situation afterward. I will think about it more, thanks for this comment!

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