Best long cardigans on the internet and why you need one!

One of my very VERY favorite winter wardrobe staples is pretty simple and EXTREMELY versatile. And that staple is none other than the LONG cardigan. Today I'm dishing on this year's favorite long cardigan, sharing a bunch of other cute ones in a variety of prices, and explaining just why this is about to be your closet's new best friend.

long cardigan

Why I love long cardigans

Cardigans are a MUST when I travel, because if you've traveled much on an airplane you know it can be a total 3 little bears experience! One minute you're freezing like it's the North Pole and the next you're sweating as if you're in the South in the dead of Summer. So the only practical answer to this unpredictability of airplanes is LAYERING. And my favorite way to layer is a nice looooooong cardi.

While I was away visiting family over the holiday I used this sweater daily. I would throw it on with Ugg boots, jeans and a cute blouse to stay warm and still feel put-together. It was one of those pieces that just got used over and OVER, the whole entire vacation.

Red Silk Top

Kill two birds with one stone

I wore my long cardigan on the plane to stay warm and I even let the kids use it as a pillow in the car. Also, I would toss this beauty on with pajamas to make the kids breakfast. Because if you know me you know I LIVE for the robe life. But it's not exactly practical to take your bathrobe with you on every trip. So a super long, warm cardigan is basically like killing two birds with one stone!

Ugg Pom-Pom Booties
Ugg Pom-Pom Booties

No more dragging belt

And I almost forgot to tell you about my favorite part — Don’t you hate it when your beloved long sweater has a belt and it drags on the floor? It’s the worst right?! Last year I bought a super long cardigan but I only wore it a couple times because I couldn't stand that the belt would drag on the ground and get all dirty and/or wet!

Well, this year's fave long cardigan has a sewn in belt loop that never drags on the floor but you still get a little stylish touch in the back. I'm so happy someone figured this out!

Skinny Jeans

It has pockets

Oh and the POCKETS! Hello, pockets! I love pockets as a busy mom, and I love them for myself in the winter especially! Because I hate having cold hands in the winter!! Having somewhere to warm up my hands is ESSENTIAL.

Black Longline Cardigan
Red women's blouse
Black long Cardigan
cardigan nordstrom
Ugg Pom-Pom Booties

The length

And if you prefer to wear leggings, the length will give you the added warmth you need on those chilly days. I can't say enough good things about this long cardigan.

Black long Cardigan

Your search is over

So the search for the perfect multi-functional, comfortable, warm and cozy long cardigan is DONE for the year. I've found every reason to wear this and can pair it with just about anything.

Red blouse
Long navy cardigan
Skinny Jeans
Ugg Pom-Pom Booties
Photos by Emmy Lowe

Long Cardigan Round-up

And as promised, here's my massive roundup of all THE cutest long cardigans I could find on the internet, in a wide variety of prices, colors and textures so you can find the one that's perfect for you!

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