How to get rid of wrinkles!

I feel like it’s an unsaid rule between girlfriends that when you find a really great product that actually works we’re pretty much bound by the laws of sisterhood to share it with each other!! Which is why I’m giving you guys all the details on this amazing Vitamin C serum I recently discovered from Kiehl’s that isn’t just great for your skin, but it actually works when it comes to fighting the signs of aging, especially wrinkles!

 This Powerful-Strength-Line-Reducing concentrate serum has nearly all perfect 5 star reviews online, with tons and tons of other customers, like me, who have found that this serum really is a skincare product that actually works! It contains 12.5% Vitamin C that activates once it’s absorbed into your skin and helps to visibly reduce wrinkles in up to 4 weeks! I’m super picky with the fragrance of skincare that I use and I love that because of that Vitamin C, this product has the slightest citrus smell. It’s super fresh and light and I love it!

It also contains this super cool ingredient called Fragmented Hyaluronic Acid. And while you don’t have to remember the name, you’ll definitely remember that this is what helps your skin act as a sponge and absorb moisture which helps to smooth and plump your skin.

Not only does this serum help combat those super tough fine lines we all know but don’t love haha, it also improves the radiance and texture of your skin! It really does give you such a great healthy glow once you start using it on a regular basis and is something you can use on your skin both morning and night!

Kiehl’s is one of the oldest skincare brands around. It’s really a name I’ve come to trust over the years as I’ve tested and tried so so SO many brands. Kiehl’s products truly never disappoint! If you’ve a bit hesitant because you have sensitive skin, Kiehl’s has actually specially designed this product and carefully tested it so that it’s effective on all skin types – even sensitive skin!!

I’m still newer to this little bit of bottled up magic, but over the course of 8 weeks people have reported that this serum not only helps with those fine lines and wrinkles, but it improves the firmness of your skin and the reduction of pores!

Powerful-strength line-reducing serum
Pink ruffle top

I really really think you guys will love this product so much if you try it too! Let me know what you think if it’s a fave of yours or if you end up testing it out for the new year to get a little younger looking in 2018.

Thanks Kiehl’s and Shopstyle for sponsoring this post!

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I’m interested in this product but am wondering what your mom uses on her face as I’m about her age. I need to get serious about these wrinkles! 😊

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