If I were going back to school: my first day outfit & words of wisdom

It's been a few (ha!) years since I've actually been “back to school,” but this time of year always make me nostalgic for high school football games or ditching class with my friends to go get scones from Sill's Cafe in Layton (I NEVER did this) and the burning desire to buy a cute new backpack like this one!!

macy's back to school

So today I've got a little back to school outfit for you that I honestly think is cute for any girl from 12 to 32, plus a little letter with some words of wisdom I wish I could've told my 16 year old self.

Macy's back to school look macy's back to schoolI giggled through this entire shoot because I felt like such an idiot as a 32 year old standing on the bleachers of a neighboring high school. Very Ferris Buehler of me. At least I didn't embarrass any of the kids in my neighborhood by going to the school down the street!

macy's back to schoolIt never really gets that cold in California so this short sleeved graphic sweatshirt is the perfect cozy solution! Plus that motto of “I did my best” was just too cute to resist. You know I'm all about that lounge life and this has such a relaxed easy fit without being too baggy or slouchy. I'm also all about a good sale on sale and this sweatshirt is an additional 20% off right now making it under $35!

macy's back to school

For real though, THIS BACKPACK!! I was so in love with it at first sight. Backpacks are so convenient and this one fits so much stuff, but can still maintain a super slim profile. It even has a laptop sleeve! A huge plus in my book.

macy's back to school

macy's back to schoolThese stretchy cropped skinnies are SUCH a good affordable find! I actually wore them in this post a couple days ago too, and I just keep throwing them on because they're just easy and comfy. They have the perfect amount of stretch for a flattering fit that doesn't lose it's shape and just the right amount of distressing to feel lived in, but not destroyed. AND they're only $59!! Yes please for any girl, any age

macy's back to school macy's back to school      macy's back to school I'm OBSESSED with these sneakers. Like own them in six color ways obsessed. Because first of all they're SO comfortable. Like spend the whole day walking around Disneyland comfortable. And right now these shoes are under $60 and in stock in every size!

macy's back to school

I did my best sweater sweatshirt tee
Rose backpack

Here's a roundup of all the “back to school” clothes that my team and I would totally go back to school in right now:

And a little letter to my former trying to figure out who I was self:

Dear 16 year old me,

Believe everyone who says high school is the most fun you'll ever have, because it mostly is, but don't worry too much about things getting boring from here on out because they just get better. Go to all the football games, even though you don't care much about football yet. Try to actually LEARN from all those books (not just jump through hoops to get grades) because someday you'll wish you could sit in the classrooms you once sat in and learn interesting things. Its okay to feel like a nerd, someday you'll be glad you were remembered for playing the piano and being a good girl instead of being popular like you thought at the time was the most important thing in the entire world. When you get your heart broken for the first time and think you'll never survive, you will. And you'll survive even harder things in life later, and each one you survive is a stepping stone to make you a stronger, more resilient, more compassionate person. Don't worry so much about who your future husband will be and how soon he's going to sweep you off your feet, worry more about what YOU want to be in life and how you want your life to play out. Tell your parents more often how grateful you are for their constant love and support and when they worry and are strict, it actually isn't because they enjoy being a pain in the butt, it's because they can see your future and your potential. Don't gossip, it just makes you feel icky and it's almost always a recipe for regret. Tell your teachers you really love “thank you” more, and go up and shake hands and be grateful to the ones you aren't as fond of, because they taught you something. Be silly and make memories but try not to do things you'd be embarrassed for your future children to find out about. But if you do, and you will, know that there's always a way to make things right and that's what we're here to do, to learn from our mistakes. You'll have hard days but really happy ones too, and the future is way, WAY cooler than you could have pictured.


Your 32 year old self who keeps realizing the older she gets, the less she actually really has figured out about life 🙂

Corrine Stokoe

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