Getting manly with Personal Microderm + an exclusive deal on PMD devices


Today I have a HUGE treat for you guys! Recently I introduced Neil to the Personal Microderm, one of my favorite beauty/skincare tools, and I have a full review of what he thought, why a dude should be using this too, plus an exclusive DEAL!!!


Neil likes to pretend he's a low-maintenance guy, but I'll let you in on a little secret. Sometimes he takes LONGER THAN ME to get ready! Haha. He loves getting ready for a date night, smelling nice, having a freshly shaven face, a new haircut, or a nice golden glow from a suntan. He also hates it when he starts getting a breakout or even a little zit! So I knew he'd be the perfect candidate for some Personal Microderm love. And since PMD just recently came out with the PMD Man, I've been wanting him to test it out.

As you can see in the photo above, I tested it out on his arm so he'd know what it was going to feel like and wouldn't have to be all freaked out.

Just for the record – it DOES NOT HURT! But my manly man husband who uses power tools constantly didn't trust me ha. As soon as I showed him on his arm though, he was cool to move forward.

Then we did some rounds of testing it on his face with the dummy disc. This step is VERY important to be sure you don't damage your skin!!! This tool is incredible but it needs to be used carefully.

After warming him up to the idea, I started showing him how easy it was to use the PMD – personal microderm. It basically removes a layer of dead skin, just the same way a professional microderm treatment would. For guys this means smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines, reducing acne scarring, redness, blemishes, breakouts, hyperpigmentation and ingrown hairs! Neil was PUMPED to hear that because he absolutely hates ingrown hairs!!


After a couple test runs with the dummy disc, he was ready to try it on his own. I of course stayed right by his side to hover watch, half because I wanted to be sure he was doing it right but half because I was dying to see his reaction of how easy and cool it is to use!


I wish I had caught Neil's reaction on video when he finished his first PMD treatment. He was like “wow FEEL THIS! My face is SO SMOOTH! FEEL THIS!!!” Haha. It really did feel as soft as a baby's bottom.

PMD         PMD

Guy or girl, if you're using a Personal Microderm device you'll not only get the benefits I listed above of reduced wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes, sun spots, but you can also use it on your body to reduce stretch marks, cellulite, and my personal favorite – I've used it to eliminate (yes, ELIMINATE) keratosis pilaris (also referred to as KP), those tiny bumps on the back of your arms

So not only will your skin be in the best condition it's ever been, but for girls your makeup is going to go on SUPER smooth too because that dead layer is gone! And whenever I use this right before a spray tan or self tanner, I'm always amazed by how much better my tanner goes on and how much longer it lasts! Because hello, it's going on a fresh new layer of skin instead of sitting on top of dead skin cells!

I always get asked whenever I talk about the Personal Microderm how long it takes to see results. I see results after EVERY session, but if you give it 4 weeks of consistent treatments that's when you'll see the best results, and for optimal results, wait to compare until 12 weeks! You can use the Personal Microderm ONCE a week (they say some people can as soon as 5 days later, but I always wait a week to be safe) and the most important thing is to NEVER go over the same area of skin twice! And don't hold it down for a long time on one area. Just smooth continuous strokes across your face in an upward motion.


Above ALL, just follow the directions that Personal Microderm includes in their packaging and you can't go wrong!

We are SO EXCITED to bring you another exclusive deal just for Mint Arrow readers for the PMD Pro and the PMD Man! Use code Mint25 to get 25% off the PMD Pro and the PMD Man now through the end of October!


We're going to get on Facebook live TODAY and do another live demo of both of us using the PMD Man (Neil) and the PMD Pro (me) so that you get two chances to see how to use it and we'll be there live answering questions too!


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  1. You find the best deals on these! I bought mine after a really good deal posted on your site. Love it! They have great customer service too. Mine stopped suctioning properly after about a year, and they replaced it for free:) My skin definitely looks best when I use it on a regular basis.

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