Flatter tummy, longer hair and fresher skin? Yes please!

Collagen, vitamins, supplements oh my! They've been all the rage the past few years and there's a new kid on the block that seems to keep popping up in my world: HUM Nutrition. HUM Nutrition has a line of targeted, beauty boosting supplements that work from the inside out to support a healthier body, fuller shinier hair, glowing skin, and better sleep. Yes, to all. of. that!! Plus their packaging is SO CUTE, I kept telling myself that I'd try them out every time I saw or heard about them and I FINALLY did. And today I'm sharing my faves from HUM and why I love them!

hum nutrition

Why HUM?

HUM has a very high reputation for just being completely amazing! Their supplements and gummies are all-natural, sustainably sourced, non-GMO and free of soy, gluten, artificial colors and preservatives. Plus they just taste really, really good! A lot of vitamins and supplements can be hard to take, because they taste weird. I love everything from HUM that I've tried so far!

The first time you get on their website you take a quick 3-minute quiz to create your nutrition profile and get recommendations from a nutritionist personalized to your needs. So cool, right?

What I Got from HUM

Collagen Love

I recently chopped my hair because my hair stylist and I decided we just needed to start fresh. After bleaching my hair for so long and having babies, it was time to just get rid of the dead ends and blunt cut. When we did the big chop she told me the very best thing I could do in growing my hair back was to take a great collagen. This one from HUM is super duper easy to take–you just take it with a meal, instead of having to mix it into a shake or stir it into cold water and avoid chunks (the biggest complaint people typically have with collagen powders). This one comes in very small pills that are easy to swallow and I'm loving my results so far. My hair and my skin look and feel totally amazing. and popping a few with breakfast every day is super easy.

Collagen supplements
hair growing supplement

Hair Sweet Hair

I'm doubling down on the hair supplements and taking HUM Nutrition's hair gummies too! These are the BEST tasting hair gummies I have ever tried! They are so yummy. I legit want to eat like 15 of these every single time! They kind of have a bit of a sour gummy taste (while still being sweet) and I am OBSESSED. These gummies are meant to support the health of hair follicles for stronger, healthier hair. So far, so good.

hair growing supplements
hair sweet hair
digestion pills

Flatter Me

I've been intrigued by similar products in the past whose main goal is to help eliminate bloat and have a flat tummy. However, most of these products have been teas and I don't drink tea. So I was really excited to try HUM Nutrition's Flatter Me. I take this supplement if I want to wear a more fitted dress or just feel like I need a little extra help in that department!

Flatter Me is a unique blend of clinically proven digestive enzymes that helps decrease bloating and breaks down proteins, carbs, fiber, lactose, and fats. But…it's not intense in any way. AT ALL. So you can totally take this supplement and not worry about being married to your bathroom for the day.

beauty supplements
HUM nutrition
daily cleanse HUM nutrition

Daily Cleanse

The name says it all! You take this supplement from HUM nutrition every morning and it just helps you stay regular and clean junk out of your system. A major added benefit of this detoxifying supplement is clearer skin and fewer breakouts. Yes, please!

HUM daily cleanse
vitamins and supplements
HUM nutrition hair supplements

Beauty zzZz

I have never been a fan of melatonin. Until now. In the past when I've taken melatonin I wake up in the morning feeling like I've been hit by a bus because I'm SO TIRED. This is the only form of melatonin I have ever, ever taken where I didn't feel hungover the next day.

vitamins and supplements
vitamins and supplements
Kimono Details Here

Collagen Love
Flatter Me
Beauty zzZz
Hair Sweet Hair
Daily Cleanse
Photos by Arielle Levy

Discount on your first HUM order

I love every single HUM product I have tried so far and can't wait to try them ALL. I cannot recommend them enough and I want you to try them out too!

Go online, take the quiz and use code STYLE to take 15% off your first order of $29+. Plus, you can save even more with HUM's convenient, flexible and money saving monthly plans!

Their supplements are delicious and super easy to take and I have nothing but good things to say about their products! (Plus their packaging is to die for!) Every single product delivered on exactly what it promised and nothing is better than that.

I've been so happily surprised that doing something so simple has had such a big impact on how I look and feel, just by taking these yummy high quality supplements! Have you tried HUM yet, and what are you guys doing to keep your insides and outsides feeling good and healthy? LMK in the comments!

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