A couple favorite affordable finds lately!

topshop dress

You know how sometimes you see something cute and then the most depressing buzzkill happens when you see the price and your eyeballs almost pop out of your head and either a million dollars has to fall from the sky or you have to walk away? That's awful when that happens … but today is not that day because THIS DRESS is as desirable in price as it is in appearance. Yes please!!!

I'm pretty obsessed with this purple shirt dress and the fact that it comes in SEVEN cute colors!

And if I had to guess the price of this dress by just looking at it, I'd ballpark $100.


It's $55.

topshop dress

I will say that, as you can see in the photos, it's pretty clingy! I wish I'd had a slip to wear with it because I think that would've helped a lot. But this was when I flew into Utah for my best friend's baby shower and brought an entire suitcase of extra clothes to do a photo shoot with, so I didn't exactly have access to anything like a random slip ha!

Also since it's pretty clingy, if you wanted to you could wear a control top slip … I have this one and I love it for dresses like this! I was wishing I had it for this photo shoot … it's on sale here in a small and here in a medium or large! But I mean you could wear any slip with this. Or no slip like I did here and that's fine too!!

I was also wishing I had a dryer sheet with me haha. Because who doesn't just carry dryer sheets around with them? That's a good hack though, if you ever have a clingy dress!

topshop dress     _dsc8646-edit

Another affordable find I'm pretty obsessed with: these gray wedge booties!!! They for sure look like they could fall into the category of $150-200ish booties but they slide in right under $100. And the quality is SO GOOD that I feel like that's a really fair price. They're honestly so comfy and I hate it when I buy cheap shoes and my feet just kill after. So these are a really nice balance of not incredibly expensive with the comfort that comes with high quality!

Also … they come in SEVEN colors too!

shoes  shoes

Another shoutout to a bag that I've been toting all over the world (literally) from London to Paris to Rome to Utah to California to New York and wait, that's all the places haha.

But it's such a perfect size bag, especially if you're going somewhere touristy like Europe where there are a lot of pickpockets!! The snap closure is super secure so if you wear it cross-body nobody's gonna get in there. You'll see when we release our video of our Europe trip (hopefully coming Friday!) that I wear this all throughout our trip.

The super duper cool thing about this bag is that it's completely scratch proof, so you don't have to be paranoid when you take it out that you'll damage it.

Also, it just went ON SALE!!! So for an investment in a Kate Spade bag, this one is solid. I love the lilac and it's proven to be pretty versatile, but if you really wanted to go neutral you could also get it in crisp linen for the sale price too. This bag is structured so well that I really think it could take years of wear and tear and still look amazing.

kate spade purse topshop dress


Midi Dress
Wedge Bootie
Kate Spade Bag
Photos by Paige Nicolle


I rounded up some more favorite affordable finds under $100 from the interwebs below, and some of them are only on sale for a couple days so make sure you take a peek!!

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