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Is there a better luxury than giving yourself an extra hour (or two) to really get glammed up for a special occasion?! It's definitely one of my favorite things I rarely get to do, but when I do, it's a PARTY!!! I love putting on a robe that makes me feel pretty, playing some happy music, and playing with ALL THE MAKEUP. Today I'm gonna share with you everything you'll need from Macy's to create this holiday glam look (including a 20% off Black Friday code!) with cult faves that you'll use over and over till they're empty in the coming year!

I knew I wanted to go ALL OUT on this makeup look, so I asked my friend Courtney, who worked for years as a professional makeup artist, to come over and play makeup with me for the afternoon. She came over and together we came up with a holiday look with a bunch of new makeup I got from Macy's using products we both are TOTALLY obsessed with and recommend 100%.

For a primer we relied on the Bare Minerals Prime Time, which I had kind of forgotten about until I was grabbing things for this look. I heard someone talking about it recently and was inspired to grab it again, and I love it just as much as I did like 10 years ago when I first found it! It seriously goes on your face like velvet magic and makes anything else you put on last forever.

This highlighter palette kept with the theme of glowing and sparkling for Christmas. It was so fun and easy to achieve that dewy, shining highlight. My fave in this palette is for sure butterscotch, but they're all so good.

Then we used this blush and bronzer palette that's basically GOLD because it's full of total winners. Courtney said that she's used this palette for bronzing more than anything else on her clients. We both agreed it's the best we've both ever used!

Okay, so I was actually a fan of this CC cream before I even knew what it was! Funny story: I was at a meeting in San Francisco a couple weeks ago, and one of the women I was meeting with walked in and I immediately noticed how flawless and glow-y her skin was. She told me this CC cream was behind her airbrushed look, and this perfecting brush is the secret weapon that makes it happen! She said it's just not the same with the beauty blender. This shoot was the first time I've tried the combination, and I immediately loved it.

Benefit brow products are always amazing. This Gimme Brow gel is almost spooky with the way it magically fills your brows in and makes them appear fuller! I don't know how, but it almost seems to grow eyebrows for you as you apply it. It is so, so cool and is definitely one of my favorite products we used!

Whenever I do a more dramatic eye, I want a softer, more natural lip color (and vice versa! Bold lips = neutral eyes). I love this particular 7-piece set because it's like the very best of Buxom's lip colors, including my #1 lip gloss of all time, White Russian. Gifting lip colors can be tricky, but this is actually a really great set because it's all neutrals that work with any look or skin tone!

This palette by Anastasia especially is really glittery and fun. I love that it was a combination of subtle and more dramatic shades, which makes it a great gift because it can create such a wide range of looks! We used some fun, darker, more dramatic shades to create this smoky eye, which I'm already looking forward to trying to recreate on my own.

Once your makeup is done, there is no better way to finish it all off than with a mist of Urban Decay's all-night setting spray! I'm OBSESSED with the new cherry version; it has the most beautiful scent and just helps keep everything in place and looking fresh. This is also a great, quick way to freshen up your look halfway through the day (or night!).

Eye Shadow Palette
Lip gloss
Blush and bronzer palette
Eye color base
Foundation primer
Brow Pencil
CC Cream
Undereye concealer
Cherry-Scented All Nighter Spray
Photos by Arielle Levy

I chose a combination of things that either caught my eye or were recommended by the super helpful people at the makeup counter at Macy's. They had awesome feedback about what's been popular lately and what makeup artists are loving right now – which is basically ALL THINGS SPARKLY. Hope you guys loved this little holiday makeup look and if you have a makeup lover on your list of people to gift this Christmas, just know that EVERY product we used here is something I personally love and recommend one million percent.

Shop all of these products and more during Macy’s Black Friday Sale and save 20% using code BLKFRI. Happy holiday sparkly makeup look season!!!

Thanks Macy's and Shopstyle for sponsoring this fun little makeup girls afternoon!


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