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If you're reading this, you might be creeping into a decade of age that's telling you it's time to up your skincare game. You might just be thinking about the words “anti-aging” more lately. Or maybe you're realizing that the same harsh drugstore cleanser you used to clear up your teenage acne might not be the best thing anymore for your adult skin! If any of these are you, and you're ready to jump in but you need some advice on where to start, then pull up a cozy chair and let's chat!

I'm going to walk you through my top 4 ELEMIS products that I think you should start with, and you can even just try ONE or TWO!

Plus, if you know me, you know my favorite thing is giving you a discount code so there's that too! Ready to dive in?

elemis skincare

I've told this story over and over again, but it feels even more appropriate as I'm sitting in my hotel room in New York City with the same travel size skincare products that I started with so many years ago.

My love affair with these products started on a road trip, in an overnight pit-stop in Las Vegas on our way to Utah. Once I realized I forgot my face wash, and I knew I didn't want to use the hotel bar soap to wash my face, I walked into a department store hoping to find a good-quality travel size skincare set.

The lady in the skincare department said she only had one line that carried travel size products: ELEMIS. I had never invested in a luxurious brand before and was hesitant to make the purchase, but she guaranteed I would love it so much that I wouldn't want to return it, and that I'd be back to buy the full size.

What a big claim to make! But guess what? I WAS HOOKED!! And have been for a looong while now.

Luckily I found ELEMIS right when I needed her: in my late 20s. But no matter what your age,
if you're looking to take the plunge & invest in a luxurious skin care, I'm going to walk you through the baby steps to get you there, and the convenient little travel sizes that will allow you to try before you really buy big. PLUS we have a code for you!!

Deal details

Let's just get right to the GOOD stuff. Right now you can get 20% OFF any of these products using the exclusive code CORRINE20 at checkout. ELEMIS seriously rarely EVER goes on sale, so this discount code is a rare gem!!! Stock up. Buy all the gifts. Today's the day!!

Skin care necessities

After trying almost every skin care brand out there, I'm forever in love with ELEMIS. I just can't get away from that baby's bum, perfectly soft and bright and supple, youthful skin that I get when I use their products!

Whether you start small with one or two, or dive in and buy all four, the Pro-Collagen Cleansing
, Pro-Collagen Marine Cream, and Pro-Collagen Overnight Matrix and Dynamic Resurfacing Pads are my MUST TRIES!

My secret sauce: the Pro-Collagen Marine Cream

Okay, if you invest in only one ELEMIS product, LET IT BE THIS. Moisturizer should be the #1 priority in your skin care routine, and this one is my absolute favorite product – and trust me, I've tried ALL the things. This cream lays perfectly under makeup and helps improve the look of firmness and elasticity, which means smooooth and youthful and glowing skin. 

With this cream there are two options: the Pro-Collagen Marine Cream or the Pro-Collagen
Marine Cream SPF 30
. Ask a dermatologist or esthetician what the number one thing you
should do for your skin is and they will say SPF.

Sunscreen is ESSENTIAL! So personally I would recommend the cream with SPF 30, but both of these creams feel the same and have the same subtle fragrance made of all natural essential oils. Seriously though, if you want to skip that extra step, the Pro-Collagen Marine Cream SPF 30 is the way to go!! 

Bottom line is this moisturizer will change. your. life!! Whether you use day or night (or both!), if
you want to use a more luxurious product that is so worth it, invest in this Marine Cream.

pro-collagen marine cream

The cleanser that got me hooked on ELEMIS

 The Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm is my absolute GO-TO when it comes to cleansers! For all
skin types, and especially dry skin, this cleanser is a game changer. Because it's ultra-
moisturizing, it won’t strip away natural oils or other moisture from your skin like other
cleansers often do!

pro-collage cleansing balm by elemis

The moment this cleansing balm touches your face, it melts away your makeup like butter. And
say goodbye to splashing water everywhere when washing your face! (For me, it's no longer
having to worry about getting it in my eyelash extensions – if you know, you know!)
Massage this balm right onto your face, and wipe off with a cloth and you’re done!

And if you're a mascara girl, this stuff is the most gentle way to take all your mascara off.

After trying all the scents, I do love the classic original. But my favorite is the rose! A very subtle but
amazing scent that leaves my skin feeling (and smelling!) bright and healthy. 

Wake up feeling like a million bucks with the Pro-Collagen Overnight Matrix

This overnight cream is one you cannot pass up! I've tried every overnight cream from
ELEMIS and this is my fave one!

Each morning I wake up and can feel the difference in plumpness and moisture on my skin. Plus, it’s clinically proven to dramatically improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles – who doesn't want that?! Though this product is the most expensive of the three, it is worth every. penny.

And it literally feels so good that I LOOK FORWARD to washing my makeup off at night, just so I can treat my skin to a healthy dose of this dreamy cream.

It's hands down my very favorite night cream of all time.

elemis skincare
Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm
Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm -Rose
Pro-Collagen Marine Cream
Pro-Collagen Marine Cream SPF 30
Pro-Collagen Overnight Matrix
Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Pads

Don't hate, exfoliate

If you kind of feel like your skin is the worst in the winter, it might be in part because you aren't exfoliating properly!! Dry, dead skin buildup will keep your skin from really glowing, it will prevent your product from actually penetrating, and it will make your skin tone patchy and uneven.

One of my FAVORITE easy ways to exfoliate is with ELEMIS Dynamic Resurfacing Prep Pads. I use one of these EVERY time before I do facial self-tanner or a spray tan, because it really does just get everything off that's lingering and ensures a perfect clean slate.

Oh and (random!) tip: when I get my hair dyed and sometimes there's a little left-over dye on my forehead, these take that dye RIGHT off!

And just like all these other products I shared above, it comes in a travel size set, so you can take a small step into better skincare without a huge plunge if you're only ready to dip your toes in, like I was in the beginning! OR you can get really awesome value by adding a jumbo pack to your skincare arsenal. I promise you will not regret it!

elemis facial pads
dynamic resurfacing facial pads

Invest where you want!

If you’re just thinking of leveling up your skin care game to a more luxurious brand, you can start
by simply trying one of these products – or you can do exactly what I did and try it in travel size first!!

I promise alllll of these basics will not disappoint. (And stay tuned for some of my additional
favorite ELEMIS products coming next month!!)

Take advantage of the discount code CORRINE20 for 20% OFF and try these must-haves out – or
stock up now if you already love ELEMIS as much as I do!!

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