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MAJOR deal on Anastasia eyebrow products + eyebrow tips!

January 4, 2019

TRUTH BOMB: There are too many beauties out there with eyebrows that just aren't doing their gorgeous faces justice! Can I get an amen?! A full (almost bushy) carefully-shaped brow just gives everybody a softer more beautifully framed face. I'm honestly so happy that we've moved away from the 90's trend of over-plucked, razor-thin eyebrows! YIKES. Those of us who were alive in that era all have those skeletons hiding in our closets. If you look around at celebs and models and kardashians, a perfectly shaped eyebrow is a commonality among them all and today I'm gonna give you some tips on how to get yours in shape so they're doing your pretty face justice, AND share a sale on all the tools you'll need to get them.

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Today ONLY you can get Anastasia products here in a BOGO promo that makes the best of the Anastasia products 2 for $30, plus you get a special free gift with your purchase!!! You can stock up on everything you need to keep your eyebrows looking just right in 2019!

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As fuller brows have become the norm, I've researched and picked up a couple tips for getting the ideal shape for your face, since it's totally not a one-brow-fits-all kind of thing! To start out, use a pencil (or other straight edge) to make a straight line straight up from the outside of your nostril. This is where your eyebrow should begin. Angling from the middle of your nose through the middle of your pupil will give you the perfect high point for your arch, and then tilting from the tip of your nose and through the corner of your eye gives the ideal spot for the tail of your brow to end.

If this all seems a bit too scientific for you DON'T WORRY because I've got a cheat sheet for you. A live one, that you put ON YOUR FACE!

Did you know there are STENCILS for perfect eyebrows?! Yes. This is a thing. And this thing is awesome.

These are so nice for beginners to use as a road map to getting your perfect eyebrows. You can hold all the stencils up to your face and find which one seems like it's closest to your natural brow shape but I'm telling you, the unibrow is gonna be your new best friend.

You'll want to use a brow pencil to fill in the stencil, and this one in taupe is my favorite!

Most girls (myself included!!!) at one point in their life overplucked your beautiful natural brow shape, so you'll have to use some serious self control to not keep plucking where you're used to plucking. Stencils will really help be your guide and if you're disciplined about first stenciling, and THEN plucking where ever the hair lies outside the stenciled lines, then I promise you'll achieve that perfected brow in no time!!

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Another thing I highly recommend using is a serum to help with hair growth. Most lash growth serums will work on your eyebrows too, so apply a bit at night before bed and you'll start to see those sparse areas begin to fill in.

Anastasia has long been established as the number one in eyebrow makeup products. First made famous by becoming Oprah's brows gal (which in my book just immediately means I trust her) she's basically become the world's most famous brow master. She even does Kim Kardashian's brows! But obviously we can't all be making trips to Beverly Hills for brow waxes, so she created a line that makes it super accessible for everyone to get those perfect Anastasia celeb brows even without celebrity access.

Anastasia sells pretty much everything you need to get the perfect brows of your dreams. They have stencils like the ones I mentioned above, and all kinds of liners and pomades to create a natural and full look. Like I mentioned earlier, Brow Wiz in Taupe is my absolute favorite for filling in my brows. It's an everyday go-to brow pencil that I recommend for pretty much anyone with tan to fair skin! It's very soft and not at all overpowering. Make soft strokes in the same direction your eyebrow hair is growing, up and away from your eyes, then out, back, and down as you move down the arch of your brow.

Brow Pencil, Stencils, Serum, Brow Wiz – Taupe, Dip Brow Pomade, Lighted Mirror, Photos by Arielle Levy

REMEMBER: today ONLY you can get these Anastasia products 2 for $30, plus you get a special free gift with your purchase. Find my favorite Anastasia products in the widget below, and I hope these tips give you your best eyebrows ever!

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