Airport Travel Style – Nordstrom Edition

It's soooo exciting to see everyone out traveling again, right?! After more than a year of most people staying at home, it's so nice to be able to branch out, go see people and places you love … I'm singing Nelly Furtado “I'm like a bird” in my head right now.

Since a lot of people are traveling more, I decided to put together my BEST tips for putting together a really solid, super comfortable, but also cute travel outfit – “airport style”! BONUS: these items are all on major sale right now for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, which is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC today! So whether you're a Nordstrom Cardholder or not, you can buy these items ON SALE today through 8/8!

travel outfit

Traveling 101

My #1 rule in traveling is you absolutely MUST layer. I've gotten on flights before where it's super stuffy and hot because the AC isn't working for some odd reason. If you're wearing a long-sleeve and there's nothing you can take off to shed a layer, it's MISERABLE. I've also gotten on airplanes in the summertime in a t-shirt (duh! because it's hot outside) and I'm freeeeezing to death because they're cranking the AC. Bottom-line is, you never know what temperatures you'll experience on a plane!

Sometimes if I'm going on a quick flight and I'm feeling adventurous, I'll wear sandals and sneak in a pair of socks in my bag to keep my feet cozy, but most of the time I ALWAYS wear some comfy sneakers to keep my feet warm and walk comfortably through the airport. Comfort is KEY when traveling.

NOW, let's get to the nitty gritty details!

graphic tee

Graphic Tee

When I travel I never want to wear anything bulky so I always start with some kind of basic t-shirt. Unless I'm nursing and I want some kind of button-up shirt, a light-weight, soft, basic tee is my go-to and that way I can layer over it!

I wore this graphic tee that was SO soft, casual and cute, and right now it's on sale for the Anniversary Sale for only $44.90 (normally $69)! Everyone needs a good graphic tee in their wardrobe!! Here's another option if your size is sold out.

Graphic Tee
Graphic Tee

Barefoot Dreams Cardigan

I almost ALWAYS bring some type of cardigan because they're not bulky, and still give you a nice extra layer for additional warmth, if needed!

My personal FAVE to bring on the plane with me is my Barefoot Dreams circle cardigan. I love all of the Barefoot Dreams cardigans but the circle cardigan is most like a normal sweater versus an at-home loungewear kind of cardigan.

My mom and I both swear by flying in this cardigan and it works great as a make-shift blanket for my babies if they're a little chilly on the airplane. You can also squish it in a ball and use it for a pillow to get some Z's on your flight!

This cardigan is just beyond cozy and soft, and multi-functional, which is a plus! Once you get to your destination no need to worry about it taking up extra space because it rolls to fit really well in a suitcase. A traveling necessity in my book! This cardigan is worth EVERY PENNY full price, but it's even more amazing to get it on sale for $69.90 (normally $116)!!!

Barefoot Dreams Cardigan

Zella Leggings

I am a BIG fan of wearing leggings on flights, especially if it's going to be a long flight. UNLESS I'm going to be stepping off a flight and going straight into a meeting or event! In that case, I'd wear the same outfit but with some of my comfier jeans.

These Zella leggings are the SOFTEST leggings sold at Nordstrom. PERIOD. There's not another pair of leggings that are softer than these. AND they have pockets! They're super cute and flattering, and I even own them in two colors. They are just to die for and they're on sale right now for only $39.90 (normally $65)!!!

 Zella leggings
 travel leggings

Low Top Sneakers

HUGE tip: wear shoes that are TSA approved when you travel…especially if you have TSA pre-check! It's so nice because I don't have to take my shoes off when going through security, UNLESS they have metal in them. I've made this mistake too many times where I think “oh, this shoe doesn't have any metal in it”, and then the metal detector gets set off and you have to back through, take off your shoes, walk BAREFOOT on that nasty floor where thousands of other people's feet have touched, all while people are looking at you like you just robbed their granny because you're making them wait even longer in the TSA line.

You'd be surprised by how many shoes have metal in them, like a mule or bootie. So I'm a huge fan of wearing some type of sneaker or running shoe. Something that is super comfortable and will NOT have metal in it, so it won't set off that metal detector.

The other tip I have for you is if you don't have TSA pre-check and you'll be taking off your shoes when going through security, wear socks with your sneakers so that when you take your shoes off, you at least have socks to walk through with. This is your best bet – sneakers and socks! Comfortable, cute, and keeps your feet off that disgusting floor!

One of my favorite sneakers right now are these P448s! I wouldn't say these are a “budget buy” – they're on sale for $199.90, but you'd normally pay $298 for them. And in comparison to Golden Goose sneakers, which are very similar, I actually think these P448s are more comfortable because they have a sherpa-like lining! From the very first time I wore them out, I walked around in them for a long time and didn't get any blisters. They are ready to go right out of the box and so crazy comfortable! I'm so bummed this exact pair is sold out but found this super similar option for all of my leopard lovers!

Low Top Sneakers
Low Top Sneakers for travel

Canvas Tote

I like to take a BIG bag with me on planes and I am in LOVE with this canvas tote!!! I give it seriously 5/5 stars (and I'm a tough bag critic). It has sooo many pockets on the exterior AND interior with zippers and even a spot to hold a water bottle (with a lid of course!) I also love how it has a velcro-secured pouch that perfectly holds a 13″ laptop.

It's just a SOLID bag.

It's currently sold out right now and I'm SO sad, but I'm hoping they will restock it soon! Here's a similar one though for now and another for less!

When I looked at this brand's website, the reviews were off the carts with raving feedback that it's the BEST work bag they've ever used. So when I read those, and the reputation it had earned, I was willing to try it and I'm SO glad I did.

Here are just a few of the many reviews this bag received:

“I love how convenient this bag is! There's a spot for absolutely everything, it's lightweight, and the double handles are an excellent feature!”

“This is an amazing tote! The pockets allow me to stay organized and still be able to haul a lot of stuff. The water bottle is awesome too. I know this will be my go to bag all summer!”

This tote is amazing for every day life – work, kids, errands, etc. I love all the pockets and organization. Easy to wear and carry. Light, but sturdy and just perfect for all the stuff my family hands me and expects me to carry through life.”

Canvas Tote
travel Tote

Quay Sunglasses

And I do really love to take a pair of sunglasses with me when I travel, because you never really know when you're going to be somewhere where it's too bright either sitting on the airplane or you deplane on the runway it's super sunny – I just really love to have them on hand and these ones are some of my favorites! Right now they're on sale for $42.90, and they're normally $65! These are sold out right now, but we are really hoping for a restock soon!! Here's a similar pair in the meantime.

Quay Sunglasses
travel Sunglasses

JetKids Carry-On Suitcase

BONUS TIP: when I flew home with Millie by myself, she insisted on being carried the entire way. And since we flew last minute without a stroller, I had to carry her through the SLC Airport all the way to Terminal B which I'm not kidding feels like a seven mile walk. It was probably a solid 20 minutes of me carrying her, PLUS carrying two over-the-shoulder bags and I was DEAD by the end.

This JetKids ride-on/carry-on suitcase would've saved me if I had it! It's AMAZING. It's multifunctional, so your toddler can sit on it while you pull them along (kids think it's so fun), and you can put things inside of it (perfect for carrying toys, coloring books, crayons, snacks, etc.) AND it makes their plane seat into a bed so they won't have to skip out on their nap time! It's absolutely GENIUS. I'm super super excited to travel with this JetKids suitcase in the future, and right now you can get it on sale for $148.90 (Orig. $199). It will save your life (and your arms!!!).

JetKids Carry-On Suitcase
Rolling Stones Graphic Tee, similar
Barefoot Dreams Circle Cardigan
Zella Restore Soft Pocket Leggings
John Low Top Sneaker
Vida Large Organic Cotton Canvas Tote sold out, similar, similar for less
Quay Gradient Flat Top Sunglasses sold out, similar
JetKids 19-Inch Ride-On Carry-On Suitcase
Bow Embossed Four-Wheel Trolley Suitcase
Photos by Arielle Levy

Buy in-store, online, or schedule curbside pickup

ALSO, I wanted to let you know that you can buy these online with free shipping and returns, OR you can schedule a curbside pickup so you never even have to go into a store! Be sure to sign up for Nordy Rewards as well so you can earn money towards future purchases.

Recreate this travel look!

My travel outfit I just shared is definitely on the lighter side of tones and colors, but you could recreate this whole look with the same items in the darker colors – easy-peasy! Here are some alternative travel outfit pieces below from Nordstrom!

Where are you off to next?!

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