5 favorite healthy snacks from Trader Joe’s!

April 13, 2016

Snacking can sometimes be the death of my diet. It's just so easy to reach for an Oreo thin (like they're going to make me thin or something!) or eat a leftover brownie. But snacking can be a good thing if you stock your pantry with healthy snacks. Today we've rounded up five of our favorite snacks that you can throw in your cart next time you're at Trader Joe's.

You guys know that I love guacamole. Trader Joe’s has a Reduced Guilt Guacamole and it is so good. It’s made with Greek yogurt so it has less fat and calories, but it’s still smooth and creamy and oh so delicious. Enjoy with their Unsalted Organic White Corn Tortilla Chips – super tasty (plus the 14 chip serving size is very generous…think of all the guac that can carry)!

Mini Brie Bites? Yes, please! Trader Joes has a pretty amazing cheese section. These little bites are perfect for spreading on apples or Multigrain Crackers. Or if you need a quick breakfast (or lunch) spread on toast and top with avocado or tomato (or both)!

One of the easiest grab & go snacks is dried fruit and TJ has an insane selection. It can live in your purse forever (unlike fresh fruit) which makes it perfect for the beach or the pool or everywhere! The sole ingredient in the Freeze Dried Mango: mango. How great is that? Plus the serving size is the WHOLE bag. Like candy, but without the guilt! The Dried Baby Sweet Pineapple is another favorite. Pair with a handful of raw almonds for those post workout munchies!

Prefer your snacks crisp, crunchy and sweet (but without added sugar)? Then you want the Sweet Plantain Chips. No dip needed.

Those Multigrain Crackers are also super yummy with their Reduced-Guilt Spinach & Kale Greek Yogurt Dip. Bust out some baby carrots and sliced bell peppers and you’re ready for an impromptu party!

What are some of your favorite Trader Joe’s snacks?


Photos by Amanda Proudfit

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You just made me want to go to Trader Joe’s! Thanks for these suggestions, I’ll be stopping on my way home from work!


My favorite dip in the whole world is three pre made trader joes ingredients: pre cooked lentils (In a box near the veggies), brushetta (fresh-near the hummus) & crumbled goat cheese. Mix all three & scoop with the multi grain crackers or whatever you can get your hands on! My husband and I ate it for dinner tonight!

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