Falling in love maxi dress

maxi dress

This morning is the first business day of October and I woke up craving FALL. Crisp leaves, pumpkin spice hot chocolate, scarves and sweaters! I can’t really participate in any of those Fall traditions since we’re still over here sweating in the 80s fahrenheit, but luckily I grabbed some Fall pictures when I was in the motherland (Utah) a couple weeks ago to ease my cravings.

Pictures just don’t do justice for this dreamy FALLing in love dress. It’s so good that I honestly don’t know if we’ll get treated with a sale on it in anything but 1 size. It’s that type of dress. If my sister or best friend wanted this dress super badly I’d tell her to buy it today instead of waiting for a sale tomorrow. I just see this one going really fast!

And today’s a great day to order this Falling in Love maxi dress because it SHIPS FREE today, no code needed.

maxi dress

As you can see with all my twirling (totally normal right in the middle of the woods I assure you, ha!) this falling in love maxi is a very flowy dress on the bottom, but VERY fitted on top! If you’re in between sizes, I highly recommend sizing up! I got a small but almost wish I would’ve gotten a medium because I practically have to suck in to get the zipper to go all the way up!

maxi dressmaxi dressmaxi dressmaxi dress

This falling in love maxi dress is VERY LONG! Long enough to touch the floor on me and I’m tall – 5’9 supposedly, but last week I was measured for a physical and the nurse measured TWICE and said I’m actually 5’10 – guess I’m eating my greens??

Luckily it comes in petite if you don’t need all that extra length!

maxi dressmaxi dressmaxi dressmaxi dress

FREE SHIPPING on this falling in love maxi is today only, and like I said before I wouldn’t be surprised if this sells out way before it even has a chance to go on sale, so I would jump on it if you want one!

maxi dress

Falling in love maxi dress
Lipstick in russian red
Black patent flats
Photos by Paige Nicolle

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