my $15 buried bauble with baublebar


today i’m SUPER EXCITED to bring you guys a customized deal in collaboration with one of my most favorite retailers – baublebar!!!

i adore baublebar for their beautiful but affordable jewelry so when they asked me to pick out the buried bauble (hidden deal) for december 2, of course i said yes!!

baublebar mint arrow buried bauble - stud set!

of all the options they gave me for a buried bauble, these baublebar twinkle stud duo sets were my absolute favorite. they’re super simple but pretty and ornate at the same time. they remind me of something i would’ve found in my great grandmother’s jewelry box!

my baublebar buried bauble twinkle stud duo earring set comes in 3 beautiful colors and each $15 set has TWO pair of earrings! these really are the absolute perfect gift for a friend or co-worker, your child’s school teacher, your hairdresser, anyone who you want to give a thoughtful gift this holiday season without reaching too deep into your wallet!

and they’re the perfect pretty earring to throw on with any outfit, casual or super dressy.

now through the end of december (or until they sell out!) get my baublebar buried bauble twinkle stud duo earring set on sale for $15 (reg $38).


studs (on sale!)
denim (on sale!)
wedges (on sale!)

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