how to style a statement piece


Do you ever look at a really bold piece, like a funky shoe or a really amazing but kinda loud necklace or even a bold lip color and go, “okay I LOVE this, but how do I style it so that it stands out, or so that my whole outfit isn’t totally overpowering and loud?”

I’ll admit right now that I’mΒ not a professional stylist. A professional deal finder with a lot of clothes? Yes, ha.Β But not a professionally trained stylist. However, I feel like I’ve figured out what works and what doesn’t for my own style, and the conclusion I’ve come to is if you’re going to pick out a statement piece, something bold and showy, let that piece steal the show. Don’t add competing elements to your outfit that will distract from the piece you’re in love with!


When I found these Kate Spade Lilo Pouf suede pumps I was pretty much dying and knew they belonged in my closet! They totally remind me of a Christian Louboutin with the cut of the shoe for a way lower price tag.

But I immediately hesitated because they’re definitely the type of shoes you want to wear with the right kind of dress or they would just look silly. I searched and searched and found this Ted Baker embellished dress that I hoped would go perfectly with the shoes and I was surprised when I loved them even more than I hoped with the dress!

I also love that this dress has just the right amount of sparkle so that you can totally skip jewelry. A simple earring or necklace would be okay, but I liked just wearing the dress with the embellished neckline alone, especially with these shoes!


embellished dress // bag // pouf shoes

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