LOWEST PRICE EVER on a blendtec blender


i know a lot of you are looking for a deal on the blendtec blender this holiday season (aka the BEST BLENDER EVER!) and i’m so SO thrilled today to share with you the LOWEST PRICE EVER on a blendtec blender!


right now you can get a blendtec blender for $249.95. costco’s lowest price they’ve ever offered on the blendtec is $299.99 (only at limited times), and amazon’s price on the blendtec is $371 so yes this deal on a blendtec blender for $249.95 is THE best price out there!


this deal is on the refurbished blendtec blender for $249.95 BUT before you dismiss that let me just tell you that i personally own a refurbished blendtec blender. my parents gave it to us for christmas 2 years ago and it was the best christmas gift EVER. it came in a normal box and looked absolutely brand new. i never ever would have even known it was refurbished if they hadn’t told me.

“but what if it breaks?” you say. “if i get it at costco i can just take it back,” you say. well guess what, this one comes with a 7 year warranty and if anything happens to it they’ll take it back, no questions asked! i have used my refurbished blendtec blender HUNDREDS of times and it works perfectly. never a single hiccup.


we use our blendtec for everything from milkshakes to soup to homemade baby food (i made almost all of anabelle’s for the first several months!) to my green smoothie milkshake fake. this is what i swear helped me the most with finally shedding baby weight after i had anabelle. it literally tastes just like a milkshake! however, i’ve tried to make it while on vacation with a low-quality blender and it’s for sure not even close to the same. the greens don’t blend down and liquefy and you can taste the leafyness (ick) so i highly, HIGHLY suggest getting a blendtec if you are into green smoothies or you want to start drinking them! best way to get TONS of greens into your diet every single day.

p.s. because a handful of people have asked for the recipe on this smoothie i made today, here it is!

good morning sunshine smoothie:

1 c. orange juice
1/2 c. greek yogurt (i used chobani vanilla)
8 strawberries, hulled
1/2 c. blueberries
2 c. spinach
1 c. ice cubes

blend on “smoothie” and enjoy!

this offer on the lowest price ever for the blendtec blender may not last for a long time because there are limited quantities. so if you want one for the holidays make sure you jump on it now!


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Jennifer Gunn:

I just bought one over the summer, and I LOVE it!!!! This is an awesome deal! I’m enjoying all the great savings on your blog!


thanks so much jennifer! so glad to hear you love yours too!!


Does this blender still come with a warranty?


hi ticey, yes it does! a 7 year warranty! 😀


I wondering if you have the wide side or four side jar? are you glad you got the one you did?


hi brynn, i have both and i love both! the wild side is awesome for making super big batches (like a HUGE smoothie for both my husband and me) but i love the 4 sided jar for smaller batches (a big smoothie just for me) 😉

Mariah Mecham:

So can you buy just the one blender and buy both jars? Or do you have 2 different blenders? I just looked and was surprised to find that with the four-side jar it’s actually $229.95!


i bought both jars, no need to buy 2 blenders! 😀


What is the serving size for the good morning sunshine smoothie? Is this for 2 people?


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