my favorite overalls, overall.


you know how sometimes you just want something SO bad and it’s a little pricey, but you justify it because you know you’ll wear it a ton? and then you really DO wear it a ton and say to yourself later, “that was the smartest purchase ever.” that’s how these overalls are. they sat on my wishlist for the longest time until finally i just jumped in and bought them. and oh my how i am so glad i did! every single time i wear them, without fail, someone (or more than one) person asks me where i got them and where they can get a pair too. they’re fitted and slouchy in all the right places and so comfy and soft and perfectly casual. i could go on for days. also, these target sandals. i have looked vigilantly for you guys to see if they’re coming back in stock and (SAD) i don’t think they are. it hasn’t happened yet BUT i swear to you on our friendship that if it does you’ll be the first to know. i did find some cute and similar alternatives. and if you’re loving this stripe tee as much as i am, order a size down, they run a little big. πŸ˜‰

C23 C22 C21 C25 C20
striped tee: halogen
overalls: free peopleΒ (brady wash)
sandals:Β target (back in stock YAY!)
photos: amanda – jessica janae photography
makeup: vivian makeup artist


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thank you SO MUCH carissa!!! XOXOXOXO


These overalls are so cute! I think I have just been convinced that I really do need to go and get a pair…


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