boon flair sale


when you use something 3 times a day, 365 days a year (and that’s over a thousand times) you better love it, right?!

that’s how i feel about my boon flair. truly one of THE best baby-gear purchases we ever made. it has no cracks or crevices for food to ninja its way into, it wipes down clean and quickly every time, it can adjust up or down like a barber chair and eventually be pushed up to a table for toddlers, it fits just right so my little girl doesn’t have a ton of wiggle room to climb out of that thing. the tray is removable, dishwasher safe, and fits very easily into the dishwasher because it’s just larger than a dinner plate and lays flat nicely on the top of my dishwasher. i cannot adequately express how much i LOVE my boon flair so, if you’re thinking of getting one … JUST DO IT.

oh and, AND they’re on sale here right now for $198.49. finding a deal on this high chair isn’t easy so this is a really good price! this high chair retails for $229 – $279, and with this sale you won’t pay for shipping or tax in most states.

here’s some pictures of our babe using her boon flair. first bite of food, getting a pedicure, and grubbing on finger foods.


i wish this color of the boon flair were still available but sadly it’s discontinued! we have loved ours so much and i am sure you will too.

if you’re interested in more baby gear faves, you can see all of mine in my best baby registry list ever post.

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