TEMPTU airbrush self tanner review AND 55% off deal!

Usually when I say, “I woke up like this,” I'm saying it to be funny because I look like I just finished being an extra in the stampede scene from the Lion King. But I actually was like, “DANG, I woke up like THIS?!” the first time I woke up after trying the TEMPTU airbrush self-tanner! I'm basically obsessed but today I'm spilling a FULL review for you: the pros AND cons, plus how to get it 55% off from QVC.

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temptu airbrush self tanner

What is TEMPTU?

You all know I am a religious self-tanner, so I'm constantly on the look out for products and technology that will make this beauty routine step even BETTER! I've heard about the TEMPTU airbrush system before, and I was so excited to try it for myself. TEMPTU utilizes an Atomized Airflow technology that turns makeup and their self-tanning solution into the finest mist, creating an airbrushed finish that is super even and totally buildable! The solution is vegan, clean and infused with skincare for a perfect and guilt-free glow.

temptu air brush

TEMPTU Airbrush self-tanner

I've never used any kind of airbrush system for my face before, so this was my first time trying anything like this! After using the TEMPTU system, I counted SO many pros and only 1 (maybe one and a half) cons! Here's what I LOVED about it:


  1. I woke up looking like I had perfectly airbrushed foundation on my face…but with no makeup on at all! I was amazed by this because a lot of self-tanners actually pull out redness in my face so I have to wear foundation to even out the color. The TEMPTU self-tanner literally made my face look flawless! I was incredibly impressed by the super fine, even coverage mist and how it made my bare skin glow!
  2. It's super compact and lightweight, so you could easily take it on a trip. You could even do your whole body with this machine if you wanted! The machine is also cordless which makes it much more portable as well.
  3. I love that the solution is clear so if you're like me and are worried about the color transferring onto clothing or sheets, fret no more! There was no residue on my shower wall either.
  4. It doesn't smell…like I'm talking COMPLETELY totally odorless. No more emanating the tell-tale bbq chicken scent of self-tanner!
  5. It's completely buildable so you can do it day after day or add another layer 6 hours after your first layer! It's super forgiving, touching up any spots you missed is easy and quick! Because it's airbrush there's no streaking so it's a lot easier to touch up with.
  6. The PRICE!! Usually this system is $262, but right now QVC is offering it for only $119! That's the price of just a couple spray tans, so it literally pays for itself SO quickly.


The only con that I can think of is that the reservoir that holds the solution is super small so I had to keep refilling it. If you're just doing your face, it holds the perfect amount. But if you want to do your whole body, it does take more time because you have to keep refilling it.

The con to a colorless self-tanner is that you can't see where you put it. I hesitate to even call this a “con” because it's actually really easy to fix! The first way to combat this is by doing two coats. It would take a while but would ensure a very even coverage and minimize any errors. ALSO, this solution was SO forgiving that even on spots where I didn't put enough product the night before I was able to touch it up myself the next day. It is SO EASY!!!

The last thing I will say is that this system is spendy, but so worth it. You can use this for self-tanner OR with their airbrush foundation so it's definitely a two-for-one! And with the 55% off deal, getting the system for only $119 is UNHEARD of!!!

If you're here for all the self-tanning deets, but aren't ready for a personal self-tan machine, here's some other favorites of mine that you can also get at QVC!

airbrush self tanner qvc

QVC is always there to help me usher in the new season with all the things I never knew I needed! Self care and beauty products are always something I'm in the market for, especially in warmer months.

I can always count on QVC for the BEST prices, and right now they are slashing some of their already-low prices into a whole new territory, and below I'm sharing some of those faves with you.

St. Tropez Whipped Marshmallow Mousse

One of St. Tropez newer products I hadn't tried is this marshmallow-scented mousse! I could NOT get over the scent, and neither could my photographer. We just kept repeating over and over, “Oh my gosh it smells SO GOOD.” It's just like all their other amazing, tried and true tanning products but with the most heavenly smell! Brb, sniffing myself all day.

This comes with TWO bottles and TWO mitts for only $49.96 (regularly $60.50 on QVC)!!! Usually ONE bottle and a mitt retails for $48 (that is, if you can find it in stock!!) so this is a full on BOGO FREE situation!

st tropez self tan
marshmallow mousse self tanner
how to self tan

St. Tropez Purity Face Mist

I loved using St. Tropez Purity Bronzing Water Face Mist especially when pregnant in the past because it has all-natural ingredients! But I still use it in my regular rotation, like last week when I wanted to keep my facial tan looking fresh.

When I scrub my face at night, it takes off my self-tanner faster than the rest of my body so I need to touch up my face more. But what I love about this is that I can put on ALL my day or nighttime skincare and then spray it on at the end for an easy (quick!) application and slight glow. QVC usually sells the two pack for $48.50 ($60 if purchased separately), but right now it's only $44!

facial tanning mist
st tropez bronzing water mist
self tanning mist for face


Of all the beauty products I have emptied over the years, I have had more of the ELEMIS Marine Cream than anything else! The pot will last you a really long time, but this is such a testament to how much I love it and use it!

The ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Marine Cream is a proprietary blend created from algae. This ingredient protects your skin's natural moisture barrier and gives the skin an ultra-hydrated look and feel. It's thick and supple and luxurious, but NOT greasy in the least bit. I had no idea there were so many serious benefits to using it, but I am 100% impressed with how my skin feels after using it. It normally retails for $89!

elemis pro collagen marine cream
elemis marine cream

The Oxygenating Night Cream is a super substantial moisturizer and normally $96! Our skin rejuvenates best at night when we are sleeping, and this cream takes that a step further. It targets any signs of aging, so you wake up with firmer, softer skin every morning.

Regularly this duo is already 32% off at QVC only for $127, but right now it's an even better deal at only $89! That's a full 52% off retail, which is insane!

elemis qvc products
elemis anti-aging skincare
best elemis products to buy on qvc

Best beauty deals coming right up

My go-to spot for beauty purchases that won't break the bank is always QVC. They've cornered the market on name brands beauty without the crazy prices! ALL of these deals are May only, and some will be gone way before the end of the month! QVC is also running their annual Beauty With Benefits event this month which I’ll be sharing more information about in an upcoming post!

BONUS: If it’s your first time shopping at QVC, you can use the code NEW for $15 off your first purchase of $50 or more, or you can use code HELLO10 for $10 off your second purchase of $25 or more!

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