Pretty, all natural cleaning supplies delivered to your door? Yes please!

By now everybody knows we've been in house-selling mode for the past month and a half which means one thing: CLEANING. All the time. At the spur of the moment, At the drop of the hat. Every single day.

Grove Collaborative

And obviously everyone around here knows too that I'm pregnant, and we have two littles and a dog running around here. So it's super important to me to try to be as natural as possible with cleaning products, AND it's a bonus if those products are pretty enough to leave out on the counter, and triple bonus if I don't have to haul them from the store to my house. I have found the answer to ALL these needs, and that answer is Grove Collaborative.

Grove Collaborative

Grove Collaborative has somehow managed to curate the most beautiful, best smelling, prettiest collection of cleaning and household products to make your house shimmer and shine and smell amazing, all while looking super cute and dropping convenience literally on your doorstep.

They carry all my long-time obsessions of cleaning brands like Mrs. Meyers (who you've heard me talk about for YEARS because of my adoration for their irresistible seasonal scents!) and method which is not only clever in their packaging and works better than any synthetic cleaner out there, they're also all-natural, and you can throw in some of the prettiest sponges, broom and dustpans, gloves and even dish washing scrubbers with adorable holders that will make you want to go all Mary Poppins and sing and dance while you clean your sink! I'M SERIOUS!!!

Grove Collaborative

I mean come on, have you ever seen prettier cleaning supplies? EVER?!?!

Try telling me this scrubbing brush and pretty little holder isn't what kitchen dreams are made of.

OH and this little scrubber friend is only $12.95 and has a replaceable brush head, and it gets 272 perfect reviews.

And this Mrs. Meyer's geranium detergent and dryer sheets smell like they dropped straight from heaven. I just kept sniffing and sniffing the dreamy scent. And I'm WEIRD about scents while pregnant but this stuff is truly heavenly.

Just dramatically whipping my hair back and forth while polishing the stainless with this magical stainless cleaner.

And then laughing at myself for being cheesy.

More inhaling Mrs. Meyer's scents that are literally irresistible.

I'm so glad you scrolled to the bottom because I saved the very best bit of info for last!

Right now if you click on this link, you can get a free gift set of full-size Mrs. Meyer's Hand Soap, Multi-Surface Spray and Dish Soap in a seasonal scent AND a Grove seasonal colored towel with your first purchase of at least $20 from Grove. This gift set is a $30 value!

This is only for new customers, but existing customers will get a fun little bonus of a free set of Grove walnut scrubbers by clicking on this link.

Thanks so much Grove Collaborative for sponsoring this post and spoiling my readers with these fun freebies!!

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  1. Just ordered! I am so excited to try it out! I have only heard good things! And with this cold and flu season still not letting up I am super excited to clean! hahah which I normally don’t say! All of their scrubbing brushes are so cute! <3 Thanks for such an awesome offer!

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