Episode 007: Remembering Steve: an interview with Neil about his brother who took his life in 1995

Many of you have listened to the podcast episode where I interviewed Neil about his brother Dave’s death in January 2019, just a couple of months ago.

But eight days before Dave passed away, we recorded this interview where I asked Neil all about his brother Steve who died after taking his own life in 1995.

Neil and I discuss what it was like for him to lose a brother to suicide, how that affected his family, what he learned from this loss, and how to support and help others going through grief.

We wanted to note a couple of things, that first of all if anyone has said “I’m sorry for your loss” to Neil or me recently in reference to Dave’s death that we feel your love and that this interview was more of a reflection of what Neil’s grief was like as a 13 year old.

We also wanted to mention that if you found this podcast because you are seeking help because of suicidal thoughts or you are struggling at all with thoughts of taking your life, you can make an anonymous call to the national suicide prevention lifeline 24/7 at 1800-273-8255

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