Episode 070: Jennifer Borget on Black Lives Matter: how to be part of REAL changes in anti-racism

After an emotional and historical day, watching the nation and even the world come together to amplify the message that Black Lives Matter in response to George Floyd’s death, I reached out to my friend Jennifer Borget on blackout Tuesday and she graciously agreed to come back on the podcast and discuss anti-racism with me. She also has an incredibly unique perspective as a black woman in an inter-racial marriage, married to a white police officer, so we talked about her experiences and suggestions on uniting instead of dividing people during this time. She explains why the phrase “all lives matter” isn’t helpful and what IS helpful and productive in supporting this message, how to stand up and say something tactfully when someone makes a racist comment, and what to do if you’ve messed up in the past and want to make it right. I’m so thankful to Jennifer for sharing her voice today and for the positive influence she is in my life and so many others.

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Show Notes:
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Jennifer’s blog posts explaining “black lives matter”:
 Your Fear is Killing my Family: Why Are You Supporting My White Cop and Not My Black Son
 No, You Don't Know Everything About Cops or Black Lives Matter
 Yes, I'm Black and No, You're Not Colorblind (and that's OK!)

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