Episode 040: Honoring Veteran’s Day with Amy Lou Hawthorne: Army wife and former helicopter pilot herself educates us on what it’s like to be a military family

As an 8-year helicopter pilot for the US Army and now wife to a man in active duty, toting two darling kids all over the United States and sharing her journey every step of the way, Amy Lou Hawthorne is an American sweetheart who has stolen the hearts of many of my current listeners and followers. I recently asked on my instagram stories for suggestions of people to interview for Veteran's Day who either were in the armed forces themselves or married to someone in active duty, and Amy Lou Hawthorne was the overwhelming favorite and most suggested out of anyone. I was delighted to find out that not only is she an army wife who understands the struggle of having a spouse away on active duty, but she herself also served in the military for 8 years as a helicopter pilot. Amy shares candidly her ups and downs of being in the military, the leadership lessons she learned, how its affected her marriage and her children as she's raised them through several deployments and most importantly, she educates me on how to better serve and understand and appreciate those who sacrifice so much to make our country safe. I'm so thankful so many of you pointed me to her and I really think you're going to love this interview.

Show Notes:
Instagram: Amy Lou Hawthorne
Business Instagram: The Ever Co – @theeverco
Website: the EVER co.
Military Support Organizations:
Legacies Alive
Team Red White and Blue
Legacy Magazine
Wounded Warrior Project
For volunteer opportunities on military bases contact:
ACS (Army Community Service) MWR

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