Episode 011: Faith in business with Nicole Walters: finding God in your work and every corner of your life

This was one of the very first interviews I recorded for Mint Arrow Messages, almost a year ago when I was still pregnant with Millie, and I recorded it with one of my ALL TIME favorites, Nicole Walters. Nicole is an incredible entrepreneur who quit her full time 6 figure corporate job in front of 10,000 people on a live stream to pursue her dream of teaching others how to be profitable in their online businesses. Since then she’s built a million dollar business, fostered and then adopted three beautiful girls who she calls her tinies, and now has a podcast of her own called The Nicole Walters Podcast. You can find her at NicoleWalters.com or join her community of rich friends as she calls them at Facebook.com/monetizethyself.

In this episode you’ll hear a heartfelt conversation between Nicole and me about how she became a mom almost overnight, when she least expected it, and how she gives glory to God in her work, openly and publicly and how she feels that’s been a blessing in her life.

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