Episode 262: The Resistance

Have you ever felt like every time you go to do something REALLY important, all hell starts to break loose, like the entire universe starts to conspire against you? We’ve all been there and in fact, Neil and I were just there last week as we prepared to speak to a youth group about the power of addiction recovery through the 12-steps and the atonement of Jesus Christ. I’ve also been studying a book called The War of Art, which is all about his topic. So today’s podcast breaks down the why of what this is, and the what in what to do about it. Remember this the next time you feel discouraged to the point of wanting to quit, that that IS the point of the resistance, but you’re stronger and now you’re smarter too, and you can overcome it. Send this to a friend who might need this same encouragement and if this episode speaks to you, we’d be so grateful if you left a review or shared it on social media (tag me @corrinestokoe so I can repost it).

“The War of Art” Book by Steven Pressfield https://amzn.to/4aFCdx0

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