Episode 261: How Spirituality and Sexuality can coexist with Aimee Gianni

Aimee Gianni is a seasoned marriage and family therapist and relationship coach, with a focus on guiding couples and individuals through the complexities of relationships for nearly three decades.In this episode, Aimee shares her perspective on the transformative power of relationships, especially highlighted during the pandemic’s unique challenges. She emphasizes the importance of self-awareness, communication, and connection as foundational elements of a healthy relationship. She shares her suggestions for keeping the flame burning and understanding love languages between you and your partner.Aimee also talks about the balance between sexuality and spirituality within marriage, challenging common misconceptions and encouraging couples to view their intimate connection as an integral part of their spiritual and emotional bond. If you’re looking for help in rekindling passion into your marriage, you’ll love her approach and the practical advice she shares in this episode!

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