Episode 254: Sports are for girls too with Lily Shimbashi of The Sports ish

Lily Shimbashi has always loved sports… ish. After growing up with a father in professional sports and four brothers who played, the sports world felt natural for Lily. She had little girl dreams of becoming a sports reporter, the next, Erin Andrews as she liked to say. After graduating college in sports broadcasting, Lily got her first job for an NBA team as a broadcast assistant. It was one night watching James Harden play wondering which Kardashian he had dated that Lily realized she digested sports very differently than those around her. The sports media that she had grown up with was driven by, catered to and consumed by males and she was ready to change that. She dreamed of a world where she could bring sports to women in a way that they actually cared about. In 2021, Lily launched Sportsish, a sports media platform aimed towards women and their unique specific interests. Sportsish makes sports cute, fun and easy.

Lily lives in New York City with her husband Ashton and two kids, George and Rosie, and I have to tell you we had SO MUCH FUN recording this episode last week! This was before we knew Taylor’s boyfriend would win the second Super Bowl in a row, but I promise that even if you’re not a chief’s fan, you will love hearing Lily’s take on why women should have a seat at the table when it comes to talking sports, watching sports and being part of the game.


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