Episode 241: Co-parenting During the Holidays with Jessica Turner

Jessica N. Turner is a content creator and tastemaker for busy moms looking for hacks to live life with more intention and less stress. She is a blogging veteran, having established her platform in 2006, and has continued to evolve to meet the needs of her community and the influencer industry. Jessica lives with her three children in Nashville, Tennessee. She is also a vocal LGBTQ ally and is proud of her positive co-parenting relationship with her ex-husband, author Matthew Paul Turner, who came out as gay in 2020.

Today Jessica and I are talking all about her experience as a divorced mom and what she's learned about co-parenting. So whether you're in that situation needing to co-parent through the holidays or you're trying to be a supportive family member to someone going through this, I think you're really going to learn a lot and feel very uplifted after hearing Jessica's story and message today.

ALSO, this whole topic came about because we are doing a big series live on Instagram on healthy holiday boundaries! Every day the week of November 13-17, Monday through Friday at 10am Pacific Time, I'II be going live on Instagram on my personal account @corrinestokoe to give you some tips on how to establish healthy holiday boundaries in your family interactions and what makes a healthy boundary, what's NOT a healthy boundary, and then some of the most common mistakes you can avoid while setting boundaries, especially during the holidays. If you happen to find this episode after that week, you can still go back and find the replays of all of those lives by going to my Instagram page @corrinestokoe and I'II have the series saved to a highlight bubble called BOUNDARIES.

You'll hear Jessica mention in today's episode that one of the key things she did in her divorce journey was her own work on herself, and if any of the episodes or content I've shared here or on Instagram about boundaries and codependency have spoken to you, we're officially RE-OPENING the becoming codafree bootcamp this week with a Black Friday discount, THE biggest discount we'll offer the entire year. If you want to hear more, DM me the word codafree on Instagram and I'lI send you more info. Now let's get into today's episode.


Time Stamps:

[02:40] – Jessica Turner talks about how she started her blog.

[06:53] – Jessica recalls the start of her divorce and her journey into co-parenting.

[10:11] – Jessica talks about being able to recognize herself as a person among the many roles she fills for others.

[15:44] – How can co-parents discuss ways to manage the time children spend with each parent?

[20:52] – What is Jessica’s advice if you’re starting your co-parenting journey?

[24:33] – What if it’s your first holiday season while co-parenting?

[32:46] – Jessica talks about the people in her support system that helped make things easier.

[41:36] – How do you create a new normal while co-parenting, especially during the holidays?


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Jessica’s Website

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