Episode 238: Money Mentality: What are the Blocks Holding You Back, and the Hacks that Will Help!

We all have funny, quirky, sometimes weird, sometimes empowering thoughts and beliefs about money. How much it defines us, how we use it, how we get it, and what it's for in this life. Today Neil and I are going to unpack our beliefs about money and what we’re still working on, and our tools for success and happiness and having enough money for everything we need in this life.

Time Stamps:

[00:30] – What mindsets do you have around money?

[05:29] – Corinne and Neil talk about money beliefs being different from person to person.

[11:52] – Truths are truths.

[17:53] – “You don’t get to take it with you.”

[20:23] – Corrine and Neil explore the idea of generosity, abundance, and money mindset.

[26:41] – “What’s your secret to success?”

[31:51] – Corrine and Neil talk about feeling impressions when it comes to money and financial decisions.

[38:06] – “I can do this.”

Supporting Resources:

“Think Celestial!” Talk by Russell M. Nelson

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