Episode 234: From Adult Film Industry to Finding Hope in Christ with Joshua Broome

Joshua Broome, once a renowned adult film star, went on an empty journey that led him to realize that fame, wealth, and worldly success couldn't fill the void in his heart. Overcoming depression, battling suicidal thoughts, and healing from the emotional scars of his past, Joshua has spent the last five years sharing his story on podcasts, TV shows, and stages, spreading God's message of restoration. Transformed by the life-giving power of Jesus, he has found healing and replaced lies with God's truth. Joshua holds a bachelor's degree in Christian Ministries from Liberty University and is dedicated to helping those who feel their lives are irreparable due to the brokenness of their past to find hope, healing, and restoration.


Time Stamps:

[00:54] – Joshua Broome recalls how he developed an unhealthy relationship with success at a young age.

[06:46] – Joshua moved to LA for modeling, but it led to something else.

[11:54] – What did Joshua think of the industry, and how did it impact the way he viewed himself?

[15:57] – Joshua talks about a visit to a church that changed his perspective. What happened?

[26:49] – People may be struggling with the same issues, but most don’t discuss their experiences.

[34:44] – Seeking false intimacy can drain your energy emotionally, spiritually, and physically. How can you get out of the cycle?

[43:13] – “Don’t do things that are going to lead you into temptation.”

[45:56] – What’s the message Joshua wants to share today?


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Joshua's webpage joshuabroome.me

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