Episode 233: There are No Shortcuts in Football with Bryson Barnes

Bryson Barnes grew up in a small town in Southern Utah called Milford and is the middle child of 5. Bryson grew up loving sports and played a couple competitively in high school which included football, wrestling, baseball, and track. Bryson has been playing quarterback at the University of Utah for 3 years, with his intro to college football staged at the Rose Bowl where he threw a 15 yard pass to tie the game against Ohio State with only a minute and a half left in the game. Bryson has an incredible story of going from a walk-on player to just being awarded a scholarship this month. Before his scholarship, he had picked up a part time job at Lowes just to cover his tuition, on top of his many obligations as a student athlete studying business at the University of Utah and starting quarterback for Utah's first two games of the season. Bryson is humble, hungry, and super down to earth, and I really think you'll be inspired by his work ethic and dedication to going the extra mile in all things in life.

Time Stamps:

[01:05] – Bryson Barnes talks about his early journey of playing football at the University of Utah.

[06:02] – Why did Bryson choose the University of Utah?

[11:01] – Bryson recalls the moment his preparation and work ethic helped him shine in an opportunity.

[14:11] – How does Bryson manage his life between all his interests and commitments?

[18:51] – Bryson talks about how much he appreciates his wife’s support.

[23:10] – Which mentors made a positive impact in Bryson’s college sports career?

[28:37] – What is Bryson working towards now?

[34:33] – When you put the work in, those efforts will return to you in one way or another.


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