Episode 230: I’ve Got Your Back

The adage “I've got your back” is something we say and hear all the time, but what does it mean? What are the ingredients to a friendship or building character that equates to being this kind of person, this kind of friend? We're unpacking this in many different ways today and giving you a challenge to be the person who lives in a way that shows others, “I've got your back.”

Time Stamps:

[00:41] – What comes to mind when someone says “I’ve got your back” to you?

[05:59] – Corrine and Neil talk about reflecting on your beliefs and your “why.”

[12:00] – What are small ways to show up for people that make a big difference?

[16:41] – Compassion can be the motivation behind showing up for others.

[19:36] – When someone is feeling down, find space in your heart to give them more grace.

[24:35] – Do you want to help, but don’t know how?

[30:38] – Being part of something that helps someone else is fulfilling.

[35:18] – Let’s be more welcoming and understanding towards each other.

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