Episode 226: Mental Health is Health with Dr. Braden Brown

Dr. Braden Brown is a licensed marriage and family therapist and the VP of Coaching & Counseling at Ampelis, a holistic human performance and mental wellness practice. Braden was a four-year letterman on BYU's football team from 2009-2012, where he played in all 52 games of his career and tallied 41 starts at offensive tackle. Following his BYU football career, Dr. Brown was invited to the 2013 NFL Combine and later signed a contract with the St. Louis Rams as an un-drafted free agent where he was credited with one NFL season before retiring due to a back injury.

Today we get to talk about his transition from sports to psychology, and why he pursued a PhD in medical family therapy that led him to his current career. We break down some of the reasons there's a huge stigma with athletes seeking professional help with mental health, specifically male athletes, and why mental health IS health and so vital to their well-being and performance not just in sports but in life. Braden and I talk about some of the guiding principles and values that he teaches in his practice to his patients, including the power of mindset, regulating your emotions, and staying in the present.


Time Stamps:

[01:22] – Dr. Braden Brown tells funny stories of people mistaking him for someone else.

[08:10 – What path did Dr. Braden originally plan for his career path?

[14:45] – Dr. Braden explains his mindset when stepping away from the NFL after a serious injury.

[18:42] – Dr. Braden talks about expectations that negatively influence an athlete’s relationship with mental health.

[25:11] – You are a person before you are an athlete or any role.

[31:19] – Corrine and Dr. Braden talk about setting meaningful intentions to stay present.

[35:18] – What are Dr. Braden’s thoughts about regulating emotions?

[41:06] – “Mindset sets the tone of everything.”


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