Episode 222: Life Coaching with Billie Roberts

Billie Roberts is a certified life coach who has a gift for helping others find peace and fulfillment in their lives. She has an incredibly calming presence and an ability to hold space for different people, different struggles, and different life circumstances.

Before Billie became certified through Brooke Castillo's life coach school, she experienced many of her own ups and downs, including financial struggle, illness, raising four children 3-years-old and under, and battling both depression & anxiety, which she believes has helped her to really understand and relate to her coaching clients.

Today Billie and I get to talk about and even give you a couple of live demos of what it's like to be coached by her, first in parenting and then with mental health. We also talk about the difference between hiring a life coach and going to therapy. Billie shares with me why she doesn't like to give people the answers but instead believes in leading them to the answers they know are right for them. And if you decide after listening to this that you'd like to work with Billie as a life coach, she actually is in an incredibly unique position as part of her family's philanthropy to be able to offer the life coaching for free, or in exchange for optional donations to her charity in Cambodia. Stick around to see if that feels like a good fit for you and to find out how to set up a coaching session with her.


Time Stamps:

[01:29] – Billie Roberts wants to illuminate peace. How did she decide coaching was a way to do that?

[05:20] – Billie says she learned how to hold space for others without taking on their pain.

[10:30] – Corrine and Billie walk through a mini life coaching session around balancing home life when spouses were raised differently.

[19:26] – Billie shares her perspective on helping people who feel stuck in betrayal-related traumas.

[22:33] – What’s the difference between therapy and coaching?

[27:28] – Billie encourages everyone to explore the beliefs they may be carrying around that could be helping or harming them.

[34:25] – Billie is offering coaching for FREE. Is it a great fit for you?


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Schedule a coaching session with Billie at bestilllifecoaching.com

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