Episode 220: The Pact of a Peacemaker

When was the last time someone really hurt you, or really made you angry? When was the last time you were treated super unfairly, wrongly judged, harshly spoken to, or maybe even worse, talked about behind your back, or as a mama bear, one of your kids was treated this way? It happens all the time around all of us. It's been weighing VERY heavy on my mind and heart for a long time as I've heard lots of moms who I love talk about their kids being bullied. I've asked myself what I can do to help, especially in a leadership position in my church where I'm leading the teenage girls in our church congregation, and what I can do to influence that for good? I've been praying and praying and studying and pondering on this for literally months and probably even a couple of years now, and I feel like after a very deep study of this recent sermon given by Russell M. Nelson called “Peacemakers Needed,” I finally have a clear-cut formula and a pact that I'm taking to go ALL IN on a couple of promises to myself to do the things that are taught by Jesus to really become peacemaker, and I'd love it if you'd join me too! Are you in? Let's do this.


Time Stamps:

[01:14] – Corrine explains why she was inspired to talk about today’s topic about becoming peacemakers.

[05:58] – Here’s what definitely does not work if you want to be a peacemaker.

[09:42] – What does it mean to show compassion towards people who hurt you or who hurt someone you love?

[15:06] – Corrine explores why it’s dangerous to indulge in contention.

[21:33] – How can we overcome contention?

[26:12] – Corrine talks about the characteristics of someone who has charity and someone who has pride.

[32:25] – What can you do to be led by God to be a peacemaker?

[38:11] – Uplift and inspire the people around you.


Supporting Resources:

“Peacemakers Needed” Talk by Russell M. Nelson

“Beware of Pride” Talk by Ezra Taft Benson

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