Episode 219: Findings of a Father with Neil – What He’s Learned in 10 Years as a Hands-on Dad

Father's Day is just around the corner and, in honor of that, I decided to interview our favorite dad in this house, Neil! Neil has gone from being “not a kid guy” to a 5-star dad in a world where fatherhood is oftentimes downplayed and demoralized. Today he shares with me some of the greatest lessons he's learned about fatherhood, starting with a few from his own dad and then moving into his evolution as a father, especially what he learned while he solo-parented for 6 months while I was on bed rest, and what his advice is to any dad who's just starting out or wanting to improve as a dad.


Time Stamps:

[00:41] – Neil talks about a piece of fatherhood he learned from his own dad.

[04:22] – Sometimes we don’t fully understand the depth of a parent’s love until we become one.

[09:43] – Neil appreciates that his parents allowed him to fail and learn at his own pace.

[13:46] – Did fatherhood match what Neil thought it’d be like?

[18:18] – What advice would Neil give his past self right before becoming a father?

[24:55] – Neil talks about being the family’s main caretaker for 6 months while Corrine was on bed rest.

[28:56] – Neil shares his experiences to talk about stay-at-home fathers, working from home, and spouse business partnerships.

[33:52] – Neil says he’s thankful to care for his family and be present.

[37:21] – “Being a dad’s awesome.”

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