Episode 215: It’s More Fun to Believe with Julie Taylor

Julie Taylor is a writer, creator, and consultant for over a decade. To me, she's a positive cheerleader and realist and someone whose light is continually brightening my experience on social media with her hilarious reels and deeply thought-provoking shares. Julie's only agenda is to help you do you and feel good while doing it! All of her work has one common goal: to help alleviate the suffering of women by helping them believe that they are inherently good. Because it's more fun to believe!


Time Stamps:

[00:39] – Julie Taylor tends to change her mind a lot, but no matter what, she’s always inspiring people.

[02:27] – Where did the phrase, “It’s more fun to believe” come from?

[04:32] – Julie recalls going through postpartum depression during her first and second pregnancies.

[08:25] – How did Julie approach her third pregnancy?

[11:26] – Julie offers advice to anyone going through a faith-crisis or faith transition in hard times.

[15:20] – You have a choice, and it’s a choice every time.

[18:17] – “My personal peace is better.”

[22:29] – Julie wants women to understand that they are inherently good.

[25:57] – “We’re all inherently good.”

[29:36] – What does Julie think about the phrase “toxic positivity” being popular these days?

[33:55] – Life is a balance of hard things and joy.

[36:56] – Why is it important to do what you say you’re going to do?

[40:28] – Have faith in yourself and others.


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