Episode 209: Why Bad Things Happen to Good People and What To Do When It Happens

The heaviness of the Covenant School Shooting in Nashville is weighing heavy on our hearts, so we felt like God wanted us to process this out loud today, on our podcast, with you. We don't profess to be the experts, but we'll share our experiences and some of the writings and teachings from leaders both in our faith and other faiths that have helped us navigate hard times like these. If you've been feeling helpless and frustrated about what happened in Nashville last week, I hope this episode can provide a safe space to process those feelings and help guide you to the places where we've found peace and understanding.


Time Stamps:

[00:50] – Corrine and Neil switched today’s topic to have a real, raw conversation about the recent school shooting.

[03:37] – Neil shares his first reaction to the news, especially as a parent himself and as someone who lost loved ones to traumatic situations.

[07:55] – How do Corrine and Neil feel about mentioning the school shooting to their children?

[10:23] – “Why would God not prevent this?”

[14:10] – What about the small moments that change the outcome, like divine intervention?

[16:22] – Is there any purpose of an imperfect world?

[20:13] – Tragedy and beauty both exist in the world.

[22:42] – Facing situations with thoughts, prayer, and action.

[25:56] – Corrine talks about experiencing the power of collective prayer.

[28:46] – Do these situations drive you away from God or closer to God?

[34:40] – Remember to be kind and empathetic.

[40:12] – Open yourself up to move with peace in your heart.

[41:54] – Continue to pray, take action, and stay connected to God.


Supporting Resources:

“Tragedy or Destiny” From the life of Spencer W. Kimball.

“When Bad Things Happen to Good People” Book by Harold S. Kushner

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