Episode 208: Following Your Heart (and keeping it healthy) with Dr. Fab

Dr. Fab Sagebin was born in the south of Brazil and grew up in Utah. He studied biology and chemistry at UVU before attending NYU School of Medicine. He trained in cardiothoracic surgery at the University of Rochester with an emphasis in advanced heart failure and mechanical heart technology. In 2019, he was recruited to Southern California where he started Orange County's first mechanical heart program. In 2023, he and his wife launched Tche, a plant-based coffee and energy drink alternative. He lives in San Clemente with his wife and four boys and is one of my husband Neil's best friends from high school, which we'll talk about today. This episode is intensely entertaining, fun, and educational. If you've ever watched and enjoyed a medical TV drama, you will absolutely love today's interview with Fab where he tells some pretty wild stories from surgical residency. He shares his journey with us going from not even planning to get a college education to becoming a heart surgeon and why he chose that specialty. We also get to talk all about health and what you should actually be looking out for if you're over 30 and want to be heart healthy. And if Fab's drink Tche has changed your life like it has changed ours (Neil getting off energy drinks and me overcoming the energy low of postpartum depression), you'll also love hearing why and how he created Tche and the things he put into Tche as a doctor that he knew every adult needed on a daily basis. You're going to be seriously entertained and educated today and if you haven't tried Tche yet and want to, you can use our code mintarrow to get 15% off your order. Now onto the episode.


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Time Stamps:

[01:43] – Dr. Fab Sagebin and Neil are high school friends. What kind of fun did they get into?

[04:30] – Fab says he barely graduated high school. What guided him to go to college and pursue science? (Hint: It was accidentally.)

[07:11] – Fab recalls being a medical student at NYU in Manhattan. What was life like at that time for him?

[11:41] – Fab describes the general checkpoints of becoming a medical professional based on his journey.

[14:19] – What does Fab remember from some of his earlier procedures?

[17:01] – Fab gives his thoughts on the importance of mentorship. What role did mentors play in his residency?

[21:27] – What is an LVAD?

[23:34] – Fab recalls having to evacuate the operating room during Superstorm Sandy (Hurricane Sandy) while escorting patients to safety.

[26:08] – Fab talks about working in the heart health field. He says he’s often mind blown.

[27:58] – How should people take care of their heart health? Fab starts with these three tips.

[30:48] – Is cholesterol as important in heart health as people think?

[32:32] – Corrine shares how she enjoys Tche. What flavors and drink recipes does she like?

[36:06] – Changes in your diet can make significant differences in your body.

[38:12] – What happens when you reset your body?

[39:47] – What is Ozempic?

[44:06] – Corrine shares what led her to start drinking Tche.

[48:14] – Fab says he started looking for coffee alternatives, but couldn’t find what fit his needs.

[49:55] – A smart coffee alternative: Tche.

[52:03] – How does Tche add value?

[54:17] – Tche inspires new energy.

[56:46] – How much caffeine is in Tche? (Hint: You have 3 Levels to choose from.)

[59:01] – Neil talks about switching from energy drinks to Tche.

[01:02:55] – Remember the simple things in life that fill up your energy.

[01:05:25] – Experience the fullness of life.


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