Episode 205: Rwandan Leader Bruce Kayitare on Faith, Forgiveness, and Leadership

Bruce Kayitare was born in Rwanda where he now lives with his wife and two children. He says, “I am a child of God born again after receiving Jesus Christ in my life, and I have seen the work of God through all my life.” He is passionate about ministering and mentoring. Bruce has worked in leadership for about a decade working in factory operations, supply chain, production systems of luxury products, accessories and hand-crafted home décor. He's supervised large groups of various artisans and is compassionate in empowering women especially in rural areas. He also specializes in training companies on ethical compliance. He is currently working for All Across Africa/Kazi, a company based in California.

Bruce and I met while I was on a trip to Rwanda in 2015, visiting Kate Spade's Rwandan artisan factory. He was working as a leader for Kate Spade's On Purpose collection, handmade by artisans in Masoro, Rwanda and we immediately connected over our love for God and family. I've kept in touch all these years and I've been so impressed by the way he champions women and their vital role as leaders and creators. I also have admired for years his consistent commitment to the gospel of Jesus Christ and wanted a chance to ask him more about the way his faith has impacted the rest of his life. Bruce and I have had conversations over the years about trust in God, forgiveness, and the role of our Savior in our lives and I am so grateful he would share that with us here today.


Time Stamps:

[01:34] – Bruce Kayitare is a champion for women.

[03:29] – What did Bruce notice about how the women around him handle money?

[05:17] – How do women influence the local economy in Rwanda?

[07:11] – Bruce describes the impact of supporting women to uplift society.

[09:56] – Bruce recalls his upbringing and how he got the name “Bruce.”

[11:49] – “I was born again.”

[14:38] – Bruce shares his story of forgiveness involving his mother.

[17:04] – “I can’t tell you something that I can’t practice myself.”

[18:55] – It’s all about love.

[21:14] – Bruce talks about how prayer impacted his life. Does he have any specific story to share? PART 1

[23:12] – Bruce talks about how prayer impacted his life. Does he have any specific story to share? PART 2

[25:47] – No one knows what everyone else is going through.

[28:41] – What is Bruce’s greatest hope for the future?

[30:53] – Corrine speaks about her experience of Rwanda and how full of love the people are in the community.

[32:54] – Bruce shares what he thinks can make the world better.

[34:35] – Thank you Bruce, and thank you for listening!


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